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Round-Up, Wellbeing , 1 January 2015

10 Beauty Resolutions Worth Keeping

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CLEANSE // Not with a wipe, not with a foaming wash. Click here to read the piece I wrote on cleansing properly for Country & Town House Magazine (including product recommendations).

SPF // If you do nothing else, cleanse and apply an SPF every day. The latter is the single biggest preventative measure you can take in battling premature ageing – the pension plan for your skin, if you will. Click here to read my post on SPFs with product recommendations.

EAT GREENS // I read so much about the positive impact a mere handful of spinach daily has on health and, by extension, appearance. Whenever I vow to up the healthy quota of food in my diet, it inadvertently leads to good things for my waistline. Which brings me to…

DITCH DIETS // All of them. They simply are a whole load of baloney. Read up on health, yes. Introduce more veggies and fruit, yes. Fall in love with a new ‘superfood’ promising absurdly miraculous things, yes (the superfood bit may be balls, but a bit of novelty works wonders for keeping health efforts afloat). But to counting calories/skipping meals/subscribing to fads, say a big resounding no. Your health (and skin) will thank you for it.

BODY BRUSH // Such a humble, simple way to really impact your looks. Do it daily and in six months donning a two piece will feel nowhere near as traumatic. For more on the benefits of body brushing, click here to read my post.

GO EASY ON BROWS // The days of the HD brow are numbered. Thank God – I’ve seen enough overly-filled and silly looking brows to last a lifetime. If you’d like to beef yours up, do it subtly: apply a serum to encourage growth nightly (I use Rapidbrow) and then fill with an eyebrow pen applied in little strokes to mimic hairs. Don’t whatever you do just start colouring in skin to fake a brow – few things look worse.

… AND CONTOURING // I know many will staunchly defend the practise of applying three tones of foundation and blending them to achieve the illusion of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose a la Kim Kardashian, but I think it’s all tosh. I (more than many), will devote a good fifteen minutes to daily make-up, but even I simply can’t make time for this. A little contouring powder coupled with strategic highlighter to highlight good features and downplay bad ones? Yes. But arduous blending and the reworking of facial structure just looks ridiculous off the red carpet. (FYI: Clinique are releasing two Chubby Sticks in February that are perfect for a seriously quick and easy contour – more on them to follow).


Anti-aging is not a thing. If it were possible, plastic surgeons would be out of work. Nothing can halt the hands of time. Instead, plough energy into fighting your specific skin battles – dehydrated, dull skin loves hyaluronic acid, the blemish-prone will benefit from salicylic acid and so on and so forth. By the by, I am still exceedingly fond of many potions promising to anti-age (Intelligent Nutrients make an excellent Anti-Aging’ cream that makes my skin feel smooth as silk), but I just ignore the silly label.


We are on EE creams now! This madness has to stop. I found a BB I loved among the many made, then tried about twenty CCs before deciding the Clinique one was the best and have now seen EEs quite literally all over the shop. I was cheered recently when reading about Laura Mercier’s disdain on the marketing ploy that is alphabet creams: ‘I don’t know what the market says, but I don’t believe that one cream does it all.’ Laura continues to make only the one skincare/make-up hybrid (Tinted Moisturiser) and it is stellar.

… AND ME //

It’s your face, your body and your life. If I/some expert is banging a drum and it doesn’t work for you, ignore them. This is the fun bit of life – YOU have to enjoy the way you look. Happy new year!

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