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Round-Up , 18 January 2015

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This week flew by at work and despite having oodles to say, I never quite got round to posting. No need to dwell on that, dear readers, for I’ve pulled my finger out and devoted a good chunk of time to collating some of the things that have had me (and most of the girls at the magazine) gushing/exclaiming/agog.

In no particular order…

SWEATY BETTY SKIPPING ROPE / I was sent this as a gift and decided to have a little skip in my sitting room one evening – after all, I remembered that skipping lark bringing me considerable pleasure as a child and figured a session could save me a trip to the gym once in a while. How wrong I was. Skipping is flipping hardcore. Seriously. Have you done it since you were younger? If you make it to over a minute, I salute you. I’ve not given up, mind. I still fully intend on skipping my way fit.

BOBBI BROWN HOT COLLECTION / Hot lips, nude eyes. That’s how Bobbi wants you to look this spring. I can’t say I have any issues with this vision; there’s something so wonderfully arresting about that classic combination (not to mention easy – slick of red on the lips and a dollop of brown around the eyes topped off with mascara and you’re done). The Art Stick in Hot Orange is very nice but the lipstick has been doing it for me lately with all its balmy beautifulness.

ZELENS ACTIVE CONCEALER /  Zelens = all about the skincare. He makes some of the best moisturisers around. When he started on make-up, he used skincare ingredients as a base and pigments to offer coverage. I half expected this to be slightly puny but no – medium to full coverage that’ll sort a fairly hefty amount of under-eye shadow. I never thought I’d find anything that trumped the combination of Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer (£19 here) coupled with a sweep of Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (£26.50 here) but lo and behold, I’ve not touched that combination since getting my hands on this. When I reached for this the morning after a particularly rambunctious night out, I knew I needed to talk about it.

LANCOME GRANDIOSE MASCARA / Late to the game on this one – I know it’s last year’s news. But not for me, as I only just procured one. Pulling the crooked wand out of the tube, I was a little dubious and felt we lovers of cosmetics were being duped in the manner of the villagers in The Emperor’s New Clothes. “No difference here,” I envisaged myself saying, “just a silly marketing move.” I’m gobbling my nascent words. It’s swell. The wand makes things very easy, just twist it and hey presto! you have yourself a wand that reaches corner lashes or sits neatly to offer optimum coating along the bottom ones. It’s really quite clever and if you struggle with mascara application may well be the one for you. Also, as with all Lancome mascaras, the brush and formula are very pleasing indeed.

JESSICA WHISPER NAIL POLISH COLLECTION / All of a sudden, I am sick of wintery reds and rich, cloying colours. I want light and air and freshness. I want Springtime. How best to call it into being mentally? With breezy, pastel nails of course. That may sound frivolous, but I interviewed a psychologist last week who said there may be more to the colour on your nails than meets the eye – given that you see your hands so often (while driving, typing, cooking and, um, sewing?!), the colour you choose is likely to have an affect on your mood. So there we have it, if it’s Spring you’re craving, these nail polishes are the thing for you.

GARNIER MIRACLE SKIN CREAM / Okay, let’s deal with that name first. Miracle. Bleugh. I really take umbrage to any cream claiming to be a miracle. But behind the ridiculous name, this product is really rather bloody good. A cream that moisturises and also, when oxidised while applying, provides a little tiny bit of yellowy pigment that lights up features in a I’m-wearing-no-make-up-but-look-Kate-Bosworth-glowy way, this can be worn alone if your skin is pretty good or under foundation if you want a beautiful dewy finish. Trust me on this one. P.s. A night addition to the miracle family is coming out soon, but that’s a whole other review…

RADICAL BODY MOISTURISER AND HAND CREAM / Regular readers will know I have a penchant for a Radical product. I usually have at least one of their products on the go at any one time. When I found out they were going to release body products I got a little overexcited as I suspected the Radical way of tackling the body would be really ruddy good. Their PR team kindly popped these in the post for me and my obsession with Radical continues unassuaged. The hand cream – serum-like in texture, very nice for an overnight treat (at this price, you don’t want to be washing this stuff off) and non-greasy. The body moisturiser – thicker, cosseting, delightful. Both – chocka with antioxidants and peptides.

MATTE LIPSTICKS / We’ve been testing ALL the matte lipsticks under the sun at the office recently. If you like the look of matte lips, it’s really easy to be lead astray – there are some really rubbish ones on the market (one coated my lips like that lipcote product people used to love and then seemed to shrink, leaving my lips cracked and seriously uncomfortable). If you want the good ones, try these brands that have impressed us: Tom Ford, Troy Surratt, Lipstick Queen, Clinique and Charlotte Tilbury.

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