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Hairdressers , 26 January 2015

New Year, New Hair

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I believe wholeheartedly that new hair can inspire a new attitude. Break ups with boys sent me from brunette to platinum blonde to redhead in order to draw a line in the sand. Once married, new jobs or seasons that required a new me improved me would get the same treatment. I really, truly believe that if you’re struggling to ditch a bad habit and have tried everything, making yourself look a bit different and then deciding who you’d like the person in the mirror to be just might do the trick.

At the beginning of January, I knew that the year ahead would be challenging and wanted to do something a bit different with my hair to perk me up. As I’d been relying on the gifted Paul Goodier at the Aveda Institut in Holborn for a regular trim, I called them again. To my dismay, I found Paul was fully booked so went to see Michael Lendon instead. Both are brilliant hairdressers with slightly different approaches: Paul is slow, steady and meticulous, looking at texture and cutting to enhance natural movement, Michael a little faster, more instinctive and able to interpret an image extraordinarily well. Both cut a good fringe (a rarity, trust me).

I then scooted over to Muse of London, where Carly added a little warmth to my roots and highlights to the ends of my hair. A note on this place – I’d never have found it or visited without the recommendation as it sits rather inconspicuously on a corner and looks a little colourful for my tastes. Based on the colour I emerged with, I’d go there again in a shot (plus, it’s much cheaper than some of the salons I’ve been to that do about the same job). New me is delighted by her new hair and will be repeating this winning formula again when the world demands a little more from me.

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