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Round-Up , 14 February 2015

To Love the Contents of One’s Cosmetic Bag is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance…

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In theory I’m all in on Valentine’s Day. Being showered with jewels, flowers and gifts – what’s not to like? Somehow, though, I really don’t love it. The day, purportedly to celebrate love and encourage shows of it in the form of tat (if on a low budget) and sparkly things (if only), just leaves me cold.

In fact, this year I’m not only spending it a good 3,000 miles from my husband (he’s in London, I’m in New York after shooting the lovely – and bodacious – Marloes Horst for the magazine. Whole other story peeps, will report on it in due time), but I also am not in the slightest bit ruffled by the distance. My thoughts: if you love someone, try to demonstrate it without prompts from Hallmark (but if you get an awesome present, more power to you – no principle has ever stopped me from accepting treats when they come my way).

Stick with me – here’s the point of the above stream of consciousness: use Valentine’s day as an expression of self love. Ohhhh yes, I’m a-banging that drum again. Seriously, though – how often do you give yourself the green light to but a lip balm costing upwards of £40? Or a cleanser that’ll render your skin butter soft but your bank almost empty? Below are my picks of the most decadent of decadent products (that are the really good stuff, not dumb marketing gimmicks like a Swarovski-encrusted bottle of the first breath of a unicorn). And if you have a special someone who wants to get you a special something but you’d really prefer for them not to go down the chocolate hearts route, point them in the direction of these…

BY TERRY BAUME DE ROSE / This is kinda thematic; it does rely heavily on rose and roses have always been synonymous with love… That aside, it moisturises lips like a demon, can be used on cuticles and other dry bits and is peerless.

ESPA RESTORATIVE BODY OIL / Spending one’s hard-earned moolah on a body oil is the height of frivolity. Or is it? I like to think not – the body, making up most of our mass, is so rarely shown the kindness and care our faces are. While it carries out our innumerable physical requests daily, we often just hose it down as one might a mucky dog and send it on it’s way. No more. Thank your body for it’s efforts with one of these. It’ll feel nicer and probably work a bit better too when shown some care. Oh, and your skin will not be a dry mess in need of SOS treatment come April.

TOM FORD EYESHADOW QUAD / I could’ve said anything Tom Ford, really, but truly believe that his eyeshadow quads will make a fan of anyone who tries them. The texture (oh so soft), the density of pigment (mind-blowing. I’m being serious) and the colour combinations (bang on) always send his palettes to the top of my luxury wish list.

DIPTYQUE NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM / Game. Changer. Let’s start on the pot: worthy of being displayed in the finest of bathrooms, the feel and print on it elegance to mind. When I pick it up, I feel more chic (quite an achievement for a pot of cleanser and perhaps says something about the joy a perfect product inspired in me). What’s inside is even better. A buttery balm that cossets without suffocating the skin and cleanses without stripping, I’ve yet to find anything better to clean my face with.

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES BATH OIL / These are all simply sublime. They smell heavenly, never coat skin in a greasy, congealed mess on exiting the bath and would turn anyone who doubts the power of aromatherapy into a believer. I have a particularly soft spot for the Deep Relax blend (does what it says on the tin and always quells my inner turmoil) and Morning Energise one.

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