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Diary , 15 February 2015

Notebook / New York

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New York’s a bit of a smorgasbord of delights, isn’t it? Every time I start doing one thing the city seduces me and I find myself eating a macaroon for breakfast (the horror!) or drinking wine with lunch in a shopping centre (true, true – vice has found me in the city). This post, rather like New York, is a bit of a tapestry of beauty and shopping tales.

New York Travel Essentials

FLIGHT BEAUTY / Let’s start, in the words of fraulein Maria, at the very beginning with the journey over here. A long haul flight is a beauty mire, particularly when you need to look polished on leaving and arriving.

As so oft is the case, I found the answer in an array of moisturising and wellbeing products. Notably: Glam Glow Bright Mud Eye TreatmentCreme de la Mer Massaging ToolRadical Hand & Nail Multi-Repair CreamThis Works In Transit Camera Close-UpPurEssentiel Muscles & Joint RollerLa Prairie Perfection a Porter and Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire.

Marloes Horst Photo Shoot

PHOTO SHOOT / As mentioned in my previous post, on my first day I helped out on a photo shoot at Pier 59 Studios. Usually a day in a studio with a big name (in this case Marloes Horst) is a bit of a stressful enterprise, but this one went surprisingly smoothly. I suspect this was largely due to the brilliant team: Sam Addington serenely applied the 7 (!) make-up looks throughout the day, while Marloes remained mild-mannered and unflappable. And BEAUTIFUL. Here’s a look that didn’t make the cut to illustrate (I know – wow):

Marloes Horst Photo Shoot

SHOPPING / Next, onto the shopping. Before I left for New York, a friend told me to look out for Alexander Wang and J Brand here owing to the fact that they’re considerably cheaper in America. I am extremely glad her advice lodged: on entering Bergdorf Goodman I headed straight to the clothes sale to find a bunch of jeans and bags at a snip of the price they’d be in the UK. I of course succumbed…

New York Alexander Wang and J Brand

PEOPLE WATCHING & MANICURES / As it’s so cold over here, I felt no guilt whatsoever about staying put and eating in their restaurant on the top floor which, as it turns out, was a jolly good move. The food was phenomenal and the candied ginger, braised cauliflower and roasted kale were just the ticket for a mid-shop pick-me-up.

Sitting in the restaurant was also pretty fun as the windows offered a bird’s-eye view of the city, while inside were hoards of stonkingly rich women whose faces had been tweaked by a plethora of plastic surgery. They sat surrounded by showers of diamonds and fur, which all made for a captivating view. After that, there was just time for a sneaky coat of Essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe at Think Pink before heading on a night out.

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Right, I’m off to be lured into yet more adventures in the city. Happy Sunday everyone…

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