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Diary , 1 March 2015

A Little Sunday Catch Up…

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Well hello there lovely readers. How many times have I apologised about the lack of posts since starting to work at the magazine? Many, many times. Add this one to the pile: it’s been a busy week…

PRIX D’EXCELLENCE / On Monday the Marie Claire beauty team welcomed what seemed to be every beauty bigwig in town to Claridges for our Prix D’Excellence awards ceremony. I wore a pretty pair of pigalles, which turned out to be an error of epic proportions – ever tried standing in Mr. Louboutin’s creations for longer than twenty minutes? The man is clearly a sadist. My feet are still tender on the underside. Pain aside, it was a great evening honouring even greater products  (*shamless plug alert *) – get your hands on the magazine to see the winners.

CINDERELLA / So very off topic, but I nonetheless am going to tell you about this one. I was invited to a press preview of the Kenneth Branagh take on Cinderella this morning and thought it was pretty much the best film I’ve seen this year. I know, I know – it’s not going to win Oscars and isn’t the sort of worthy film that usually gets people talking, but if you like escapism and fancy seeing some bloody marvellous interpretations of classic characters courtesy of Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett and Lily James, you need to see this. I laughed/cried/generally forgot I was an adult supposedly at work for the duration of the screening.

Nars Dual-Intensity Narsissist Palette

NARS JOY / I’ve made no secret of my endless devotion to palettes; I have an irrational love for them and have managed to acquire every coveted palette under the sun, despite my nearest and dearest occasionally doubting my sanity as yet more floor space is taken over by eyeshadows. You can probably tell where I’m going with this: to find a palette that bowls me over is rare. This Nars Dual-Intensity Narsissist Palette is just too good and has really, genuinely delighted. The shadows when dry sweep a nice, sheer wash over the eyelids and when wet can be used as a liner or a punch of colour. Note: wet the brush, not the cake of eyeshadow – while this one won’t form a horrid film that needs scraping off when made wet, it’s bad practice and introduces germs. Click here to read about more exciting products in my Beauty Bulletin for Marie Claire this week.

How to Contour Vlog

NEW VLOGS / This week some videos filmed before I went to New York went live on the Marie Claire website. Though I’ve made some videos for you guys, filming in front of a professional crew with the pressure of not fluffing lines and wasting everyone’s time is a very different prospect. Equally, being beamed out of the platform that is the Marie Claire website is exceedingly daunting – the video has currently had over 45 thousand views and I’m unfortunately not naive enough to assume every one of those will think, or say, kind things about my efforts. If you’d like to check them out, click here for contouring and click here for a video on how to use the Foreo Luna. And say/think kind things please if you’d like me to make further attempts!

SNIP SNIP / The midi. The long bob. The lob. Whatever you want to call it, it’s having a serious moment, isn’t it? Not one to usually comment on hair trends (you know me: I’m all about hair expressing self and eschewing cookie-cutter cuts), I’ve had my head turned – and hair cut accordingly by the team at Paul Edmonds – by this one. When two friends who’d sported long locks for years went for the chop this weekend too, I thought it time to say four words: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. If you’ve gone shorter, you need this in your life to lend it that dishevelled, slightly lived-in edge.

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