Lip Oil Review

Make-up , 14 March 2015

Lip Oil / This. Is. A. Thing.

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I tend to avoid reporting on too many beauty trends. Not because I don’t research them in all their gimmicky, maddening detail (trust me, the gazillion e-mails I get a day about new launches keeps me well and truly saturated with what’s happening in the beauty arena), but because once disseminated they fall to sheds. I find that there seems to be more of a developing and broadening trend on already established products rather than brand spanking new things that revolutionise routines.

Imagine, then, the lightning bolt of joy at finding something a bonafide new movement – it is not an inconsequential event in my life. This delicious thrill coursed through me on finding lip oils. Yes, oil for lips. After the initial judder of discovery came incredulity that nobody has done this sooner. Why haven’t they? Oils have been sneaking into our skincare routines for a while now. I now have a foot oil, a hand oil, millions of body oils and, yet, my poor dry lips have waited unattended by the power of a good bit of oil. On reflection it all seems a little slow for my liking.

This one’s going two ways: moisturising, treatment oil and oil lipstick containing pigments that adhere to the lip so that once the oil’s absorbed/been washed away by eating/drinking/licking, you’re left with a nice veil of colour that is inked onto lips. Both categories please me, though the latter really is the innovation and a genuine contender for my affections.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, £18 here.

Those I’d recommend? Clarins make a stellar limited edition lip oil (though I suspect given the number of units sold that it’ll soon be a permanent fixture) that acts like a lip balm – just slick a bit on dry lips. The finish is sheeny and sits on lips like a gloss without any stickiness whatsoever.

For colour, it’s got to be YSL Volupte Tint in Oil. I’ve tried them all (below swatch is of 03 Undress Me, 04 I Rose You and 07 Crush Me Orange, which are my favourites and are sold out almost everywhere but here, where they’re £23.50) and am struggling to put anything else on my lips at the moment. The moisture courtesy of the oil is much, much needed on my parched winter lips and the balmy, subtle colours light up the face without looking like lipstick. This is crucial – if you like the waxy veil of lipstick, you won’t like these. If, however, you like colour and/or fancy a night of smooching, drinking or eating without having to top up lipstick between sessions, get some of this pronto. It won’t let you down.

YSL Volupte Lip Tint in Oil SwatchesYSL Volupte Tint in Oil in 03 Undress Me, 04 I Rose You and 07 Crush Me Orange, £23.50 here.

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