Nudie Jeans Review

Fashion , 20 March 2015

Oh The Joy / Nudie Jeans

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In my head exists a fantasy version of myself in which I wear dresses daily, have perfectly lacquered nails at all times and drift to and fro wearing heels without tinges of pain forcing me to swap to flats after an hour. In this ‘ideal Madeleine’ vision my hair always remains unsullied by bursts of wind when navigating tube platforms, I chew each mouthful of food thirty odd times like all those uber-nutritionists suggest and choose water over wine and celery over chocolate every time.

It being reality, no such version of me exists without extensive planning and my day-to-day wardrobe is usually pared-back in the extreme to the simple uniform of jeans, a t-shirt and jumper. Sound unfathomably dull? It kind of is, but that’s the point – with such a blank canvas necklaces and the odd lick of glittery eyeliner can really shine and fashion faux pas are mercifully sidestepped.

But here’s the crucial thing: when wearing jeans daily, they need to be perfect in terms of fit AND how they wear. This is where Nudie Jeans has stepped into my life with such aplomb. Designed to be worn for years, the Nudie promise is to deliver ethically crafted jeans that start looking pretty smart and after a while loosen slightly, taking on a more lived-in character thereafter. Particularly great about these puppies is that they needn’t be thrown away when areas become threadbare as Nudie will repair them FOR FREE. So while I’m still hoping for the golden day when I present a more polished front, in the interim, I’m kind of delighted to have finally found a daily option that I trust*. Take this liberating baton and run with it, my friends…

* (pictures of me in stylishly battered jeans to follow in due course…)


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