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Body, Skincare , 30 March 2015

Six Skin Saviours

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It had to happen sometime. Yes, my happy-making good run of skin health came to a cataclysmic end after the recent spate of flights, late nights and a series of ‘housewarming’ events, which have in honesty mainly consisted of friends coming round toting wine and then us imbibing said wine while gossiping and watching whatever made it out of the cardboard boxes first (in our first rather memorable week, this involved two showings of Music and Lyrics to which I now know every line and am quite sure is a cinematic work of genius. This song in particular has a special place in my heart).

Annnyyyyway… In the battle to regain an agreeable complexion once more, I’m now heeding my own advice and cutting back on treats and trying to manage stress, but have also employed these trusty six to help my skin out from on the outside…

ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALM £39.50 here / Lots of products claim to be for all skin types and yet few hold true to this promise under scrutiny. This one really, really is suitable for all and I’d happily recommend it to anyone from the severely acneic to those of you who are riddled with eczema. As I currently have both going on (and have to film a video free of make-up for the magazine this afternoon! JOY), I’ve turned to this in the evening to wash of make-up and grease without making my skin any angrier.

OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL £28 here / You know how when you wash off most non-balmy cleansers your skin feels a touch dry? Well that’s a result of your skin being stripped of its natural moisture and a barrier that’s been compromised. It is officially Not Good News. This gel turns into an oil when massaged into the skin and emulsifies on washing off, leaving skin feeling soft and clean. Not stripped. I love it.

OSKIA GET UP AND GLOW £64.50 here / One pump – and just the one, this is not a ‘more is more’ scenario, my friends – imparts a subtle luminosity, quenches thirsty skin and calms ruffled skin. As it’s Oskia, over time it will do a hell of a lot more besides, but as I’m not thinking beyond the horror of baring my skin to about 2.3 million Marie Claire readers, those three instantly gratifying properties are enough to have me carrying this everywhere right now to pat on over make-up (as well as sticking to the traditional morning and evening application). P.s. Sorry about the price. It is well worth skipping a night or two out for though, promise.

L to R: Gazelli White Oil Eye Cream, Oskia Get up and Glow and Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

L to R: Gazelli White Oil Eye Cream, Oskia Get up and Glow and Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

GAZELLI WHITE OIL EYE CREAM £40 here // Gazelli’s white oil is indigenous to Azerbaijan, where it’s used to heal skin and deeply hydrate. This eye cream harnesses these nourishing properties to help prevent wrinkle formation through dehydration. While I’ll only really be able to vouch for it’s powers in the fullness of time, I can tell you it feels really good on, makes superficial lines appear diminished after applying, and has earned a permanent place on my shelf. P.s. very reasonable price, Gazelli people. P.p.s. I booked myself a Gazelli At Home Facial over the weekend which was excellent – read my review here.

EMMA HARDIE BRILLIANCE FACIAL OIL £31 here // Another reasonably-priced and flipping brilliant product. Okay, I know this isn’t exactly thrifty, but it rivals the most expensive oil I’ve ever tried and is just so bloody good that I’d personally pay a lot more for it. First, it doesn’t irritate skin (obviously there’ll be someone somewhere out there for whom this is not the case, but I’ve asked a fair few sensitive-skinned folk about it and the unanimous answer is that it seems not to whip up redness or dormant conditions), the botanical plant oils strengthen the skin and therefore help it to resist external and internal stress over time and, last but not least, it feels good on. The latter may seem silly, but it’s the thing that’ll get you using a product again and again…

SUNDAY RILEY DISROBE £55 here // While on using something again and again: hello softer-than-soft skin. Basically, this body lotion thinks it’s a face product, which explains: a) the price (gosh, I’m all about the money today, aren’t I?!), and b) the ingredients list. To wit: lactic acid to exfoliate, squalane to bolster the barrier and lend velvety smoothness and a bunch of moisturising unguents. Also, the first ingredient is aloe – this means very good things for upset skin. Now I know that technically this doesn’t fit into the whole ‘sensitive skin products for the face’, but I like it so much right now that I don’t care – it transcends my arbitrary categories.

Right, off I toddle to film that video…

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