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Interview , 19 April 2015

Tricks Of The Trade / Daniel Sandler

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“Make-up is just something you can wipe off…”

Yes, Daniel Sandler really did say the above to me. And you know what? He meant it. Sandler, the make-up maverick who has wielded his brushes for the likes of Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss and Rachel Weisz, wants more than anything for women to have fun with make-up and to experiment. So throw your rulebook out and enjoy – Daniel Sandler says so.

Here’s what else he had to say //

Daniel Sandler Watercolours

I would describe my brand as innovative, accessible and uncomplicated. For someone who’s never used the products, my watercolours would be a good place to start as they can easily slot into your established make-up routine.

Invest in the products you wear every day and those that will work for you. Don’t waste money on fashion products you might only use once or twice.

I never wanted to be big in the make-up world – I just did what I enjoyed. My father was a well known hairdresser but I didn’t follow in his footsteps as I didn’t particularly like doing hair, though being in his salon was good experience and helped develop my people skills.

Women have generally made up their minds when it comes to make-up and worry that they might look theatrical if they experiment. I encourage them to realise their potential and step out their comfort zones with an accent of colour – if, for example, you want to wear a red lip but are nervous, just layer a little red on top of your usual colour.

I always have a Clarisonic in mykit and have done for years. I also love Tom Ford’s make-up. In terms of someone’s make-up that does it for me, I think Milla Jovovich always looks great.”

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