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Facials, Massages , 11 May 2015

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A combination of the close proximity of strangers, the lack of signal and fact that I cannot see the driver makes tube travel very disagreeable to me. I have, however, found a coping mechanism: spa music. Ah yes, an orchestra of woodwind classics that conjures up the happy memory of being pummelled and squeezed on a spa table really makes me enormously relaxed (and my fellow commuter probably irate but, hey, each to their own on the underground – Londoners, you will understand).

Given my love for spas, you’d probably imagine that I recoil at the idea of mobile beauty. Well, yes; despite some good experiences, I still am a sucker for the experience of plinky plonky music, towels in earthy shades and the flickering blaze of candles while my muscles are exorcised of accrued tension.

But, and it’s a big but, the convenience beauty thing is a boom industry. Blogs, internet shopping, massages at home: everyone wants maximum results during the very little time we have to service our overworked bodies. So, ever your dutiful tester, I found three that excel at the mobile beauty game:

GAZELLI AT HOME / Alright, if you read this you won’t be surprised by this one but, seriously – I was so impressed I’ve made half my colleagues have the facial and they were equally as enthusiastic which is quite something – beauty experts are a tough crowd. or 020 7581 4355

PRIV / Want a massage/yoga class/wax at home? This is the app for you. Last week I pulled a muscle at work and was laid out on a PRIV massage bed in my sitting room two hours later. The ease of booking concerns me, though – much like uber, you can find yourself getting a little trigger happy when you can’t actually see the money on its way out your account…

PERFECT 10 / These guys are great at what they do but to really reap the benefits, try to become a Black Label member – they’ll have a masseuse to your door whenever you need one at exceedingly short notice.

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