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Skincare , 30 May 2015

This Weekend, Do This

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It’s all been about the skincare of late, hasn’t it? I promise posts on the very exciting new make-up that’s coming out/I’m loving is in formation, but indulge me this final chapter in my skincare trilogy – I’ve been on a mission to up the ante of late (lighter days + mirror by the window in my new house = HOLY MOSES my skin needs help).

Want to give your skin a boost too? I suggest you follow suit and get face masking. Doing so won’t make up for skin that’s been neglected (get on this three step routine if you don’t already have a regime in place), but it will really rev up a tired or dull complexion and smooth fine lines. Though I am encomiastic on the topic of facials with brilliant facialists (my adventures in the pursuit of the best are all here), once you know what you’re aiming for, executing a mini at home facial is really quite easy.

I’ve written a little more about how to do an at-home facial – with mask recommendations – here, but would like to add these ground rules…

GET THE ORDER OF PLAY RIGHT / If applying more than one face mask, the order in which they ought go is: exfoliant, clay, moisture. If you steam, do this post-exfoliation.

MIX IT UP / One mask doesn’t have to go all over your face. Dry cheeks and an oily t-zone is a common skin woe – if that’s you, just apply clay to your nose and chin and a moisture mask to cheeks.

DON’T EXTRACT / Seriously – this is one to leave to the professionals; unless you go through the whole process of steam followed by a gentle squeeze and an antibacterial agent, you’re probably going to infect and inflame the area. In the case of blackheads, though, a little wiggle after a steam and exfoliation should set them free.

LITTLE AND OFTEN WINS THE RACE / This is true of all skincare, but especially so in the case of an at-home facial – don’t go in hammer and tongs, just apply good masks, take them off and do it again the following week. Over time you’ll notice the difference.

In the above picture I have Institut Esthederm Repair System Patches on my eyes, Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment on my face and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my hair.

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