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Diary, Fashion , 31 May 2015

A Spendy Week / Shopping in London, By An Addict

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When I was younger, nothing could keep me from spending every last penny that made its way into my pocket. I didn’t spend it on the usual ‘young person’ things, though. Oh no – I wanted to traipse the halls of Harvey Nichols (where I could ill afford anything) and pick up top-end make-up, Givenchy handbags and Erickson Beamon necklaces.

While I am still cursed with a rapacious appetite for acquiring goods, I have learned to simply say no – rather like abstaining from eating chocolate, I find it is just easier if I turn a blind eye to the glittering things London has to offer in such abundance.

Sticking with the dieting metaphor, this week I binged. One little innocent browse in Harvey Nics (where I was, by the way, looking for a dress to wear for a friend’s wedding – any tips on lovely and thrifty dresses online would be most appreciated; I am now rather out of pocket), and I fell for some AG jeans. After that, the frenzy ensued; I was high on shopping. My favourite buys? These Kenzo bad boys – the pink, the lion: who could resist?!

Smythson Notebook

Yesterday, it continued. I’d popped to the Josh Wood Atelier in Holland Park for a Gazelli facial – whole other review, but I was bloody impressed – and trotted down Westbourne Grove on my way home, where I was arrested by the sight of this yellow Smythson notebook. It looked so joyful. So hopeful. As if owning it would renew my organisation efforts and overhaul my existence. I suspect you aren’t surprised to hear it made its way into my life.

So, tastebuds fully alive and eager for more, I’ve decided to try to hang up my shopping hat. For now. Until I have a look around Liberty next weekend. Or maybe this week. I am, after all, on the hunt for that dress…

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