Elvis at the O2

Diary , 31 May 2015

Elvis Hits London

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I know – I’m a bit behind on this one: despite being an ardent Elvis fan, it’s taken me a good few months to go to see the exhibition of around 300 of his personal artefacts. The reason for my delay? I honestly had misgivings about the slightly macabre nature of seeing his stuff just sort of lying there limply ownerless – Elvis is to me a creature of vibrancy and vigour and I didn’t want to undermine that image in my head.

Curiosity won in the end and a couple of weeks ago I grabbed my friend Emma and hotfooted it to the O2 to check out the exhibition. I’m delighted that I did: despite an awful lot of items to attest to Presley’s sometimes dubious taste (well, it was the 70s), seeing his birth certificate, TCB diamond ring, cars and birth certificate made me feel enormously privileged and pitched me right back into Elvis obsession (I see this as a good thing – a hobby, as it were, to immerse myself in after work).

If you’re a fan: go. If you’re not, go anyway – it may just pique your interest in one of the most legendary figures of the 20th century. But don’t let Presley’s possessions colour your opinion of him – they may be interesting to look at, but if you’re really going to ‘get’ Elvis, you need to watch his electrifying performances. I’ve put some of my favourites at the bottom to whet your appetite…

Elvis' Car


Elvis Exhibition


Elvis Presley's Birth Certificate


… Some of my favourite performances…


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