Perricone No Make-Up Skincare Collection

Make-up , 6 June 2015

Perfect ‘I’m Not Wearing Any Make-Up’ Make-Up / Perricone No Make-Up Skincare Collection

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Perricone MD is skincare. Sure, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and No Concealer Concealer have been around since before make-up/skincare hybrids found their wings, but basically his thing is skin. Imagine my surprise, then, when the postman brought not one addition, but a whole range of new skincare-y make-up by Mr. Perricone…

Now, let’s play the pros and cons game. Pros: the skincare benefits are impressive (details of the skincare ingredients/patented technologies used in each product below), the bottles are ruddy gorgeous (and dispensing has been thought out with the meticulous eye of a skincare formulator), the prices are reasonable and the finishes beaut. It’s all very ‘I’m a natural beauty’. Also: SPFs all round courtesy of zinc oxide (though, on the con side, mineral SPFs don’t photograph awfully well so if you’ve a big occasion steer clear).

Cons: the glass bottles mean that while the foundation is the ideal thing after sun exposure, the only way to get it on holiday without smashing the bottle would be to decant it or bubble wrap it (I’m assuming none of you are organised/pedantic/barking mad enough to do so). Also, as with the original two products, there’s a distinct lack of colour options.

Perricone MD No Make-Up Skincare Swatches


No Foundation Foundation Serum, £45 / Skincare ingredient: neuropeptides / My thoughts: This really does sit between foundation and serum – if you need a lot of coverage, it won’t do the job, but if you just want a bit of evening out and a whammy of moisture, buy in.

No Bronzer Bronzer, £29 / Skincare ingredient: vitamin C ester / My thoughts: this is a fluid bronzer that acts like a warming filter on the skin. You can apply with fingertips but you’ll get a better result if you buff it in with a nice kabuki brush.

No Blush Blush, £29 / Skincare ingredient: DMAE / My thoughts: This was a revelation – no brush do you need (just pat on with the applicator and tap into skin with fingers) and the stain is intense – three tiny dots was slightly overkill on me.

Perricone MD No Make-up Skincare Swatches

l to right: No Lipstick Lipstick, No Blush Blush, No Bronzer Bronzer, No Foundation Foundation, No Foundation Foundation Serum, No Concealer Concealer

No Mascara Mascara, £25 / Skincare ingredients: neuropeptides and biotin /My thoughts: Another surprise: one coat REALLY beefed my lashes up without any clumps. Competes with any feted mascara I’ve tried (plus I like to think it’ll be nourishing my lashes throughout wear).

No Concealer Concealer, £29 / Skincare ingredient: £29 / My thoughts: based on the scent, this seems to be the exact same formula as the original repackaged (now there’s a wand – not massively hygienic if you use on spots but perfect for under eyes). Competently covers redness and dark circles but would struggle with serious acne, simply because it’s very creamy and would slide off a touch.

No Lipstick Lipstick £25 / Skincare ingredient: neuropeptides / My thoughts: Lots of brands have tried their hand at these ‘your lips but better’ stains but few do so as well as this one – this is not pink, not peach, but a sheer, sheeny ‘Lip Colour’.

No Foundation Foundation £45 / Skincare ingredient: Alpha Lipoic Acid / My thoughts: Inexplicably cheaper than its predecessor (this is not a complaint, Perricone), but basically exactly the same – less sheer than the No Foundation Foundation Serum, but still provides a similar service of evening and light concealing.

Release date: 25th June in Selfridges, everywhere else on the 2nd of July.


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