How to get beachy hair

Hair , 1 July 2015

BNFP / Day Two – Where I Want To Fake Beachy Hair. On the Beach.

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There’s no way to make that title sound any less ridiculous than it is – while on a very real beach in the Algarve, I want to contrive the look of beachiness of hair. First world problem and all, but if any of you are similarly in love with beachy hair and find that yours resembles a bird’s nest rather than Gisele’s tousled mane after a day spent on the sand, I think I’ve got this one nailed.

1) Wash hair with something that will remove all traces of the actual beach gently – the gentle bit is key; if you strip your hair it’ll go frizzy and look parched and not lend itself to artful dishevelment. I’m using Phyto Plage Shampoo, £13.50 here, and no conditioner after (I find on holiday conditioner tends to make my hair flat and therefore usually opt for the odd mask to top up hydration).

Percy and Reed Wonder Prime Light Review

2) Use a leave-in primer. I’ve been testing Percy & Reed’s new Wonder Prime Light, £18 here. The jury’s still out, but it promises to add ‘moisture, shine, definition, high heat protection and manageability’, so if it does all of them I reckon it’ll be the perfect holiday companion! I can vouch for the shininess and manageability so, based on them (and the fact it doesn’t weigh hair down in the slightest – all praise to the ‘light’ bit), this one gets the thumbs up.

3) Once hair has been dried (without using fancy brushes or techniques) just spritz in a product so that when ruffled with hands hair will hold the texture. Sea salt sprays are an obvious choice, but I’ve taken caring for my newly-bleached hair a bit further and gone for Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, £21.50 here, which is part sea salt spray, part oil, so I get nourishment, shine AND that beachy look in one.

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