Emjoi Nail Polisher Review

Nails , 2 July 2015

BNFP / Day Three – What To Do With Unpolished Nails? Go At Them With An Emjoi MICRO Nail Of Course!

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Swimming against the current massively here: I land at my holiday destination with painted nails and then go about removing polish on the first day. Yep, most people go for a pre-sun pedicure so their toes look all pretty, I strip all that off and bare my slightly yellowed nails to the sun in an attempt to healthy them up a bit.

That said, I’m not totally immune to the desire to look a little less dreary on the beach – particularly here where lithe, copper-skinned Portuguese frolic in the surf looking the epitome of health. Somehow I feel an armour of polish and the odd adornment in the form of jewellery or a fancy bikini will help me out a bit (I’m strictly make-up free on the beach in Portugal for similar reasons to those of my nail-bearing – I want my skin to benefit from the salt water and fresh air)…

I digress. This is about nails. And not looking drab. Step in my new favourite gadget, the Emjoi MICRO Nail, £29.99 here. Designed to buff off ridges with the first rotating file (don’t worry – Glenis Baptiste has assured me this gentle exfoliation actually strengthens the nails and she knows EVERYTHING about her craft) and then polish them up to a glassy finish with the second, this has brought me unprecedented joy – while my fingers and toes may not look as jolly as they do when sporting a bright red nail, they look glossy, healthy and pretty, even. And the yellowness is all but gone courtesy of the buffing.

Two niggles with this one that may extinguish my fervour: batteries need replacing (I’m told not often, but, you know…) and I run the risk of overusing this and then being told to step away from the Emjoi by a nail expert. As both those issues seem yonks away right now, I’m going to toddle off to do a little glassing up – and garner some odd looks – on the beach…

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