Sisley Black Cream Mask Review

Skincare , 5 July 2015

BNFP / Day Six – Where Sisley Comes to the Rescue

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Oops, I did it again: yesterday afternoon I fell asleep in the late afternoon sun like a numpty (particularly so as I did the exact same thing last year, albeit with a book rested on my face) who knows nothing of the perils of the sun and my skin was accordingly tight come the evening. Not red, might I add (I was slathered in SPF 50), but really quite dehydrated – exposure to sun whips moisture off the skin like there’s no tomorrow.

Thank the high heavens/makers of Sisley skincare, then for this holy grail of moisturising masks. One thin layer of the Black Rose Cream Mask right after my shower was all but gone by the time I put on a smidgen of make-up for the evening and a second application gratefuly gobbled up after my evening out. Skin is now restored to its former happy hydration levels.

Sisley Black Rose Mask and Tata Harper Moisturising Mask

I wish I could offer an alternative – I am painfully aware that it’s prohibitively expensive, but it is without peer. I have, however, been trialling some overnight masks that can also be used for a quick  moisture fix with good result. Two I’d recommend: Tata Harper Moisturizing Mask, £83 here – I know, still dear – and UltraSun Summer Skin Recovery Mask, £38 here. Both restore hydration while you sleep extremely competently indeed.

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