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Make-up , 6 July 2015

BNFP / Day Seven – Benefitting From The new Benefit Ranges

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Alright, this isn’t just a casual ‘I flung this in my holiday make-up bag’ post – I’ve been desperate to try Benefit’s new ranges out in London but haven’t had a chance so brought the whole lot out here with me to have a good old play.

Get to the point, you’re thinking? Quite right, too. No more waffle. Here goes: Benefit have added to their spectacularly popular ‘They’re Real’ and ‘Push-Up Liner’ ranges and brought out two mascaras (‘Beyond Brown’ and ‘Beyond Blue’) and four eyeliners (Beyond Brown, Blue, Purple and Green).

The mascaras, £19.50 here, are the same formula as the original feted black ‘They’re Real’ – rubber wand that creates separated, bulky lashes with ease, longer spikes at the end to catch any stray lashes – but the two new shades shake things up more than a little because they’re SO VERY blue and brown.

Benefit They're Real Beyond Blue Mascara

Most ‘brown mascaras’ are basically a dialled-down black, but this one seems positively pleased to be definitely brown. The blue mascara is equally as thrilling: it is electric and dares you to wear it. And wear it I (and my sister, pictured) did, though the rule of brights applies here: you need to deploy with care. In this case, don’t put it onto the base of lashes if you want to jazz your look up or it will instantly become much less wearable, just coat the ends for a bit of interest when you flutter. Also, keep the rest of your face muted to avoid veering into tropical bird territory.

Benefit Push Up Liner in Blue Review

Onto the liners (£18.50 here) which are all of the same ilk: jewelled, deep, rich, sumptuous, wearable alternatives to black. Which makes switching a black cat flick for this exceptionally easy: same effect (widening and lengthening of eyes, a nod to the 60s), just subtly – and it really is subtle – more interesting. Don’t pair with coloured mascara – the liner is plenty on its own.

It’s worth my mentioning the nib, which is neither a felt end nor a brush but instead a  rubbery slanted end through which the paste of the eyeliner is squeezed. The upshot of this is that you can achieve a competent flick with relative ease as the combination of the slant and soft rubber do the work of a steady hand for you.

An unexpected benefit of bringing this Benefit haul on holiday with me? I’ve needed very little else by way of make-up (you know how a big eye does all the work of looking ‘done’) and it’s taken all of a minute to whip the liner across my eyelid before putting mascara on. Which has left me plenty of time to do other things like swim and sunbathe. Speaking of which…


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