Bioderma Sun Cream Review

Skincare , 7 July 2015

BNFP / Day Eight – The Hero

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Yes, I mentioned this one all casually in this post, like it was part of my arsenal but not THE weapon that would win the war against sun damage. But now I know better. My products and I have had a week to get to know one another and this Bioderma SPF50 Creme and Stick (I’ve linked to Bioderma as I’ve had serious problems finding this online, but if you pop into a chemist that stocks Bioderma they’re likely to have it) has emerged as the clear winner.

Both an SPF 50 cream AND stick in one, this slipped into beach bags both big and small, proving itself invaluable time and time again. Top up of suncream on a burning shoulder? The cream sorted it out. Dry lips in need of a slick of moisture? A lick of the stick end is the answer. Also, it can be slid onto a key ring so you need never be without it. As if that weren’t enough, it also smells* and feels swell too, which I know if kind of besides the point with suncream, but if you can have it all, why not?

* Good smell = perfume. My skin didn’t mind, yours might. Patch test.


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