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Make-up , 9 July 2015

New In / Chantecaille Fall 2015 Color Collection ‘Protect the Wolves’

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Landing in a standstill London from Faro yesterday left me a little befuddled. No tube? Nope, no tube at all, folks. Makes London feel quite alien indeed. The good news about being stuck at home, though, is that I had a bit of extra time in the morning that’s usually consumed by travel in which to write this post…

As you may already know, Chantecaille have a history of releasing collections that are designed to raise awareness and funds* for causes (in the past they’ve turned their attentions to the plight of whales, elephants and turtles among other animals) and this year the collection – due to launch here in August – is all about wolves.

Wolves? Those terrifying creatures that stalk girls in red riding hoods and gobble them up at the first opportunity? Poor, dear wolves – they are really the victims of bad press. Chantecaille would like to help redress this bad public image and during a breakfast at the launch of this collection, Sylvie Chantecaille spoke passionately about the decimation of the wolf population and how, as top predators, they play a vital role in balancing the environment (also, they’re actually wary of humans and are therefore unlikely to do any gobbling – see here for more on the very few wolf attacks throughout history).

Chantecaille Protect The Wolves Fall 2015 Color Collection Swatches and Review

Here is a rundown of the collection //

Ella Cheek Shade, £33 / a delicate rose pink to balance the blackened eye products.

– Lustre Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner in Black Forest, £25 / a deep, mossy green with a touch of reflectiveness.

– Lip Chic in Patience, £30 / a shiny lipstick in a rosy nude.

– Galactic Lip Shine in Moonlight, £27 / a gloss/serum hybrid that’s ever so slightly mauve-y grey – it works on the lips, to my surprise.

Chantecaille Fall 2015 Color Collection Swatch

– Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trio, £65, which is the hero of the collection in my opinion and comprises three shades: Midnight (a deep, metallic black), Timber Wolf (an extremely wearable warm pewter that makes for an excellent day shadow, requiring a mere sweep of a darker shade to take it into evening territory), and Evergreen (a cool, black green). I’m slightly obsessed with the palette (as you can probably tell from the scuffiness of mine – fear not, if you buy your own the embossed wolves look far neater than this!) and think this will make for a perfect autumn eye shadow. Also, the brush is none too shabby, for those of you for whom such things hold sway.

Chantecaille Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trio Swatch

* There’s a bit of an uproar in the industry about the percentage of the RRP that’s donated to charity – as with all such fundraising products, it’s well worth looking up exactly how much will go to the cause before you decide if you’re happy with the contribution the company are making. In this case, Chantecaille are giving 5% of each piece in the collection (so the Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trio at £65 will in total donate £3.25 and the Ella Cheek Shade at £33 will raise £1.65 for Northwest Conservation Group’s efforts to protect wolves – read about them here). The collection launches in August here.


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