Kate Moss Nude Collection for Rimmel

Make-up, Nails , 12 July 2015

New & Shiny / Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate Moss

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A little birdie told me that Kate Moss is a toughie when it comes to signing off products bearing her name. Apparently, she’s meticulous: too drying a lipstick, too pinky a nude or too transparent a formula and Kate won’t give it her seal of approval.

Having played with her newest Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate collaboration (five nude lipsticks, a lip conditioning balm and five nail polishes – details below), I’m convinced that the lesser-known pedant in Kate Moss is a VERY good thing.

Madeleine Spencer Kate Moss Rimmel Nude Collection Lipstick 42

Me at a this wedding wearing Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate Moss Lipstick 42

My love for this collection started with lipstick number 42 – it is the best thing to have happened to my make-up bag in yonks and I’ve been solidly wearing it since it landed on my desk about six weeks ago – turns out that the only thing better than an actually nude lip paired with my beloved smoky eye is a subtly enhanced nude lip. In my case, a lick of 42 does it every time.

I didn’t feel as married to one of the nail polishes when trying them – yes, Soul Session sort of does it for me (it’s pretty much a dupe for Essie’s Not Just A Pretty Face at a slightly more dear £7.99 here) – but actually I could wear any of these ones quite happily…

Here’s the rundown of the collection //

Kate Moss the Nude Collection Lipsticks

Kate Moss The Nude Collection Lipstick Swatches

Lipsticks / available in shades (l to r on swatches) 01, 40, 42, 43, 45 and 48, £5.49 each here.

Kate Moss Rimmel The Nude Collection

Rimmel Kate Moss The Nude Collection Nail Polishes

Nail Polishes / available in shades (l to r on nails) 126 Bare Yourself, 237 Soul Session, 128 Mystify Me, 127 Gentle Kiss and 129 Sensual Spice, £4.49 each here.

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