Beauty Favourites Over Summer

Round-Up , 21 July 2015

10 Summer Favourites

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This post should really be called ‘all the stuff I really like using at the moment that I’ve not had a chance to put in another post’, but that’s not quite as succinct, so 10 Summer Favourites it is!

MAYBELLINE THE NUDES PALETTE / Full review here / A bargain! A sweet, sweet bargain that can easily create anything from a smoky, coppery look to a gently defined eye. It has but one flaw: there’s no mirror in the top of the compact. But that’s trifling, I’m sure you’ll agree – mirrors abound in other products so I just use them instead.

JO MALONE WOOD SAGE AND SEA SALT EAU DE COLOGNE / I first got a whiff of this heavenly scent in Cherry Woods’ treatment room where a Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle was burning. Jo Malone London have thankfully given it a descriptive name and made my job easy; it really is all tangy salt and earthy notes. Both recall my childhood, so I love it.

KIEHL’S POWERFUL-STRENGTH LINE-REDUCING EYE-BRIGHTENING CONCENTRATE / As I seem to have misplaced this press release I can basically tell you b****r all about the release date or price, but this I know: it is exceptionally non-greasy and disappears in an instant, it doesn’t make make-up applied directly after it’s been put on run in the slightest and my wrinkles *seem* reduced, so I suggest you try it.

HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BRONZER IN RADIANT BRONZE LIGHT / I loathed the Ambient Lighting powders (and, yes, I know I’m in a minority on that opinion among fellow bloggers – watch this video to see a bunch of other things I disagree with others about on the cosmetic front), but this I LOVE. It’s generally good counsel to steer clear of pearlescent bronzers, but this is so very finely milled that rather than enhance blemishes and pores, it seems to just add luminosity (provided you go easy on it – swirl your brush in it and then swirl MOST OF IT off on your hand before applying to cheeks).

ESTELLE & THILD STOCKHOLM BIOHYDRATE THIRST RELIEF VITAMIN SERUM / Can we take a moment to just enjoy the name of this one? It ticks so many of my boxes, you see – vitamins, Scandinavian AND hydrating; these things titillate me so. Though it made it onto my face for the name, it has stayed there because it does the things it promises and has taken my frazzled post-holiday skin and plumped/hydrated it thoroughly. Oh – it smells divine, too, so I really look forward to bathroom time with it.

Burberry Eyeshadow Crea, Tom Ford Primer and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer Swatches

l to r: Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Damson, Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer in Pink and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light

DIOR DIORSHOW BROW STYLER GEL / There are three things that delineate a good brow gel from a bad: whether is has a dispenser that doesn’t mean the entire tube of product becomes grotty and disgusting after a week; that it distributes evenly onto brows without gloopiness, and that the formula can hold wiry, wild hairs (I have one rogue eyebrow hair that’s determined to break free – it is the foil for all brow gels). This one does all three and my mad hair has been successfully contained in Dior’s invisible gel web.

TOM FORD COMPLEXION ENHANCING PRIMER IN PINK / There was no chance whatsoever that a round up wouldn’t contain the Ford – his make-up products continue to thrill me. The above swatch of this actually does it a disservice – once applied in a thin layer it subtly illuminates in that ‘I’ve been sunbathing all day in Mustique and just slicked on some aftersun’ way. I also dab a touch of it over foundation to enhance luminosity.

BURBERRY EYE COLOUR CREAM IN DAMSON / This is a surprising number – it looks a little more subdued in the pot than it does on the eye, which is not the normal state of play with eyeshadows. As you may be able to tell from the above swatch, it’s not a deep, smoky purple but instead one that;s slightly reflective and bold and therefore the perfect shadow to shake things up just a touch. Colour aside (it comes in plenty of typically Burberry neutrals), it’s a great formula – creamy enough to allow finger blending but doesn’t slide off too easily.

LANCOME MATRIX ROYAL MAINS / People who dislike the sensation of tight skin that comes with dryness will understand why a good hand cream fills me with glee. I’ve been told this is a classic and that mums have had it on their bedside tables since time immemorial and I fully understand why – this is buttery, smells reassuring and is just thick enough to cosset hands in a nice, creamy cocoon overnight.

EYEKO BESPOKE MASCARA / I have to say I was a little sceptical that a bespoke mascara would be any different from the various brilliant ones I’ve relied on over the years but oh how very wrong I was. After a session with a woman in Harvey Nichols (I had to endure the ignominy of face wipes to pull just my eye make-up off before the session – go barefaced if you can bear to), in which I was asked what I’d like to enhance/disguise on the lash front, I emerged with a tube of mascara that is just so: lengthening, slightly lifting, not gloopy. Go yourself if you’re often disappointed by the lauded mascaras.

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