Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Limited Edition Jasmine & Osmanthus

Skincare , 1 August 2015

Review / Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Limited Edition Jasmine & Osmanthus

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Of all the various routines and products I’ve tried to foist upon my friends over the years, the two that seem to stick the most often are cleansing and, more specifically, Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish, £15.50 here. I’ve written about this countless times so if you’re already a convert, scroll down to the bit where there are some tips on souping-up your cleanse.

For newbies: meet the most popular cleanser in the UK and possibly the planet (ha! I of course have nothing to back the worldwide bit up other than the wild popularity of the Earle in general globally, so the second bit is probably true). My guess as to why it does so well is: it is inexpensive given how long a tube lasts; you only need to buy this to remove make-up and cleanse, and it’s not as greasy as a balm, so pretty much all skin types can get on board.

You use it like this: take your dry, made up face and massage a malteser-sized ball into your skin. Once satisfied that it’s everywhere, take a flannel soaked in warm (not hot – your skin hates hot water) and remove. If you’re being good, pat dry and repeat, this time giving the massage bit more time. Remove and crack on with the rest of your routine.


As cleansing is such a sensorial experience, detractors from the original Cleanse & Polish home in on the eucalyptus-y scent, which I hear ain’t for everyone. If you can’t stand it – or, indeed, just fancy changing things up – you’re going to love Liz Earle’s Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Jasmin & Osmanthus, £20.75 here.

Texturally, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the original, but the smell is wonderful – it makes me feel ‘clean’ (clean = light and floral in the non-cloying sense in my head). Thanks to the new summery smell, this has taken poll position among my cleansers in the past week and is my go-to for a refreshing pick-me-up. Which I’ve pretty much needed every morning given my excessively early starts of late to work on a little project. But that’s a whole other post…

Liz Ealre Cleanse & Polish limited Edition Jasmine and Osmanthus


Right, I wrote all about general cleansing techniques here for Country & Town House Magazine, but I’ve got a couple of ways I like to make more of Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish to add…

Make It A Mask / Add a bit of a clay mask or exfoliant with teeny tiny granules and work it into the skin with a massage – the cleansing/mask action will give you a mega glow.

Let It Shield Your Skin / You know how I said your skin hates hot water? For this reason, I’ve taken to applying my cleanse prior to hopping in the shower to protect my skin from excessive heat (some – myself included – like it hot). In so doing you’ll also have the added bonus of steam pushing the product more deeply into your skin.

Don’t Forget Your Chest / A faff it may be, removing clothes before cleansing, but it’s a necessary evil – neglect your chest and you’ll want to live in polo necks when you get to the age where signs of body skin neglect really start to show.

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