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Skincare , 9 August 2015

My Current Routine / Evening

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I can never understand the reluctance by some to devote five minutes to skincare every evening. Putting aside any benefits to the appearance following a regime will reap, I find the process of cleansing genuinely enjoyable; the effect runs far deeper than the surface of my skin – it signals the putting to bed of work woes and unlaces the stress that’s woven itself across my face during the course of the day.

If the meditative element to cleansing doesn’t persuade you to do it nightly, bear in mind that it’s oft acknowledged in beauty circles that the daily routine of cleansing and getting some form of moisture in the skin is the single biggest way to impact its health and therefore appearance. Forget £100 creams/serums/facials and all that jazz – if you go through the process of a good double cleanse (and, no, wipes don’t count – they’re horrendous news for your skin) and a touch of serum or oil each night, you’ll notice improvements over time.

Here’s how I’m currently going about it every night…

EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER // Guerlain Beaute Des Yeux / Not an essential step as the ensuing cleanses could certainly remove eye make-up, but given that I’ve a penchant for a seriously loaded-up eye, I like to just get excess off to start with. N.B. Don’t scrub at eyes – I soak a cotton pad and just softly press it onto my lashes to start breaking make-up down.

PRE-CLEANSE MAKE-UP REMOVING OIL // Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil / I’m mad for this oil (despite it actually not containing any oil, but that’s a point on formulation – for all intents and purposes, this is a cleansing oil). Slide it onto skin – all skin types, even oily – then add a little tepid water and it’ll emulsify, so you can just wash the milk carrying your make-up etc. off your face.

CLEANSER // Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm / This is the bit where you can go to town on massage. I alternate cleansers but come back to this balm a lot as it leaves skin soft and clean without any tightness. Every other night or so I’ll give it an extra long session with the Foreo.

EYE TREATMENT // Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Serum / out later this month here / It’s new and it’s bloody exciting because its predecessor, Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum, is one of my all-time favourite products. It’s always tricky to know if an eye cream is ‘making a difference’, but this feels good on and I’ve ignored all the other little eye bottles on my shelf since this landed. I’ll keep you posted…

SERUM // Emma Hardie Midas Touch Face Serum / Before I say good things about this serum, can I just put this out there: the packaging is ridiculous. The tube it comes in is gigantic and once you open it up, the frankfurter-sized vial sitting inside looks a touch pathetic. That said, it’s a seriously good serum: mega lightweight, soothing, wrinkle-reducing. Would absolutely buy again.

LIP BALM // Sensai Total Lip Treatment / Thinking about it, it makes sense that the area around the lip is exceedingly prone to a wrinkle – all that emoting takes its toll. When Sensai started telling me about the huge following this product has, I was very much up for testing it and it’s remained on my shelf since first using, basically because I can’t find another product quite like it. Designed to go around the lip area (rather than just on the lips themselves like lip balm), it plumps/hydrates and offers an extra dose of the good stuff to help resist the signs of premature ageing.

OIL // Oskia Restoration Oil / Sometimes I’ll just use a serum, sometimes just an oil. Totally depends on the state of play on my skin (serum + oil if normal, serum only if greasy, oil only if I’m going for a massage sesh). This comes out to play whenever an oil is called for as it just seems to keep my skin happy and calm.

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