Skincare Empties

Skincare , 10 August 2015

Oh The Sadness / Skincare Empties

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There is an odd delight in finishing a product that calls to mind my single days: after each relationship ended, I’d hope the next one would be just that bit better, that bit more appropriate for me. I hoped for The One. I now do the exact same thing with serums/moisturisers/anything I slather on my body. Hope springs eternal.

But on occasion using the last precious scoop of something is rather more like breaking up with that boy you adore but just know you can’t change – it is laden with sadness and the knowledge that it’s successor will be left wanting by the inevitable comparison.

Here are four products I’d have happily ridden into the sunset forevermore with //

LEGOLOGY AIR-LITE DAILY LIFT FOR LEGS / Hot nights aren’t my leg’s friends. Heat seems to bed down in them, making them puffy and irritatingly warm come bed time. This stuff seems to do the job of cooling them/moisturising them/making them fragrant with aplomb.

EMINENCE CITRUS & KALE POTENT C+E MASQUE / I’m actually sitting here with the last bit of this mask tingling away on my face as I write and, I have to say, I look a little like I’m covered in green slime. The husband thinks I look moronic, but what he doesn’t know is that in about twenty minutes my skin will be ruddy marvellous – a little smoother, a little brighter and PACKED with antioxidants to help protect me against some of the damage I’ll accrue while enjoying a day outside today.

BIOEFFECT BODY INTENSIVE / A serum for the body: what’s not to love? Lightweight (it is almost instantly absorbed – you could dress as soon as you’ve covered yourself in it), but potent – I didn’t need to re-moisturise for a good day after applying – I would repurchase this without hesitation.

THE BODY SHOP COCOA BUTTER SCRUB / I cannot emphasise the importance of buying the cocoa butter variety of this scrub – the other versions The Body Shop make just don’t cut it. Grainy enough to actually do the job of sloughing off dead skin and softening thanks to the cream the granules are suspended in, this is also a cracker because it is totally non-comedogenic so won’t contribute to body spots and works a treat at reducing keratosis pilaris (that bobbly skin that tends to pop up on the backs of arms).

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