Bright Make-Up

Make-up , 13 August 2015

Oh The Sheer Joy / Bright Make-Up

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A few weeks ago, I was reminded of the joys of a seriously bright bit of make-up. It started innocently with an indigo lick of Delilah Gel Line in Ink swept across my lid for a slightly jazzy, but by no means out there, take on a flick. As the bloody line wouldn’t straighten out, before I knew it I had two big, fat, squiggly blobs above my lashes. Short of time (I was already running late for work), I cracked out some Tom Ford pale blue glitter to disguise the line and before I knew it, I looked like this…

And you know what? I loved it. My lids were a talking point and when I caught sight of myself in the mirror I was arrested by the riot of cerulean. It brightened up both my lids and my day.

The next day, on went a hot pink lip courtesy of MAC Process Magenta Pencil to similar rapture – the punchy colour just made me feel a little bolder than my usual self. Once again, my reflection when caught affected the way I felt – there I was, zingy, bright, emboldened Madeleine. And I liked her immensely. She was perky and – I like to think – successfully channelling a bit of Blondie.

Back on the neutrals though I may be, I’ve come to realise brights are a weapon in the fight against the drab and the dreary: expect updates of further dazzling discoveries…

Bright Make-Up

Things to (maybe) adhere to when going bright //

– Lips or eyes. If you’re a wild one, do both, but if you’d like to pull this off in an office, pick a feature and stick to it.

– Brights have to be immaculate: line lips, blend eyeshadows – take your time. You’ll have it, because…

– You don’t need much else on your face. Start with the bright feature and then make up the rest of your face. You’ll be amazed at how little other adornment it needs. But…

– Don’t forget blusher. Especially with a loud lip – it’ll stop you from looking bleached by the brights.

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