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Bath & Shower, Hair , 22 August 2015

Two Bargain, Natural Shower Products The Boys (And I) Love

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At present, I live with two men. Get your mind out the gutter: one is my husband, the other my brother. Both of them have a moderate interest in beauty products – they like the good stuff, but don’t know anything about marketing mumbo jumbo. This is, it transpires, a good thing for testing the efficacy of a product: free from the shackles of all the data on beauty I consume on a day-to-day basis, they test with a pure palate, as it were, liking products on their merit, not their hype.

As I liberally litter the surfaces of the bathroom (and bedroom, and sitting room, and, well, everywhere…) with products, I know if it’s been popular – and by extension performs well – by the fact that I’ve used it three or four times and suddenly it’s empty.

This is precisely what happened with Yes To Ultra Moisture Shampoo and Lavera Exotic Body Wash; I hopped in the shower looking forward to the riot of tropical scents (the Yes To is true coconut, Lavera’s Body Wash is a gentle, slightly powdery vanilla coconut), only to find there was nothing left.

Unlike the time the husband used a vial of Darphin Camomile face oil ON HIS BODY (the sacrilege – it shook our marriage more deeply than I can tell you), I was not in the slightest bit incensed: at £6.45 and £4.73 respectively, buying a second batch is hardly going to break the bank. As it is sunny for once and they smell so deliciously summery, that’s precisely what I’m off to do.

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