Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Review

Make-up , 4 September 2015

New & Shiny / Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Review

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Bringing out a collection called greige is conceptually sound: a grey/beige hybrid suits everyone and nobody has really successfully paid homage to the this eminently flattering shade. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Bobbi Brown have quite nailed it.

Bobbi brown Greige Review

Let’s start with the positive. The highlight of the collection is the Greige Eye Palette, £52, which contains eight shades with two pales shadows, two accent glitters, two darker and two lighter ‘greige’ shades. It’s comprehensive, though I wish the glitter pay off were a bit closer to Tom Ford/Charlotte Tilbury’s level. It is, however, a really good egg for a nice smoky eye and seriously hard to go wrong with – all the colours are buildable and would suit any eye colour and pretty much all skin tones.

Bobbi brown Greige Palette Swatches

The three Intense Pigment Eyeliners, £26.50, are also good if you like a really intense line next to your eyes or just tend to use the darker end of palettes and wonder why you’re paying for all those light shades you never get round to using. I’ve got Black Plum, which is my favourite of all the colour options – it’s true to the ‘greige’ thing and is also has a very current plum eyeliner in there.

bobbi brown greige

The rest of it is a bit of a non-event in my opinion: the Dual-Ended Liner & Smoky Eye Liner Brush doesn’t really feel like it warrants a place here; the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks in Greige and Midnight have been done to death by Bobbi Brown (though are, I concede, useful); The Rich Lip Color shades seem to just be fillers that’ll go with any look (nice, but not really cohesive), and I think the Smoky Topaz polish looks massively dated, while the Greige polish is more slate grey, less ‘greige’.

Sorry guys – I wanted to love it, but in the interests of full disclosure (you know that’s my MO), I’d say get the palette/liners and skip the rest…


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