Nars Audacious and Topshop Eyeshadow

Make-up , 8 September 2015

(Midsummer Night’s) Dream Team: Nars Audacious + Topshop Pyrite

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Last month I went to friend’s house in the countryside for the weekend. On the Saturday, she threw a dinner party under the stars. The dress code: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ As everyone else fashioned outfits out of garden leaves and old brown blankets, I rifled through my make-up bag, looking for anything that might make me look a little more jazzy and that was (however tenuously) in keeping with the theme.

Alas, if only these two had come into my life sooner – the shimmering golden green of Topshop Pyrite Eyeshadow coupled with a thickening mascara like Nars Audacious Mascara in Black Moon would’ve fit the bill perfectly – there’s something of the garden sprite at play in this eye, isn’t there?

Nars Audacious Mascara Review

Never one to dwell on missed opportunities, I’ve instead been employing a wash of the gently glittering eyeshadow on my eyelids (on the lower lash line it just looks messy, as shimmer often does), with a coat of Nars Audacious as my tan fades to bring out the warmth of my skin.

Doing this eye make-up is easy as can be: swirl a puffy brush – I use Delilah’s – in the eyeshadow pot, hold a tissue under your eyes to stop any dropped shadow from sticking to skin, wash the colour across the lid up to the crease line, apply mascara and you’re done!

Nars Audacious Mascara

A note/mini review of the mascara: Nars Audacious is, as the name suggests, designed to make lashes look humungous. The rubber wand has bristles of different lengths and does a great job of grabbing and enhancing upper lashes but struggles on the lower ones – it doesn’t coat them well and hits the skin too often for my liking. If you’re looking for an everyday mascara, this is not it. If, however, you like a mighty fluttery set of upper lashes and if you’re after something to do that in double time, get your hands on this. It’s out in Space NK now and will launch into other shops come October.


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