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Make-up , 9 September 2015

Eve Lom Primers Decoded

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Eve Lom is about to release a new primer. For Lom fans such as myself, this is great news – theirs are among the best, and the newest addition will target oily skin (without mattifying entirely – hallelujah). Only problem: the tubes all look the same and you’d have to wear each of the primers for a day to be able to suss out which is best for you.

I’m not on team Lom – more’s the pity – so can’t do anything about the packaging, but I can give you the skinny on what makes each of these wonderful primers different (and, trust me, differ from one another they do).

A little word on Lom’s skincare/make-up hybrid first: remember this review? I was seriously impressed by the brand’s efforts then and continue in my admiration today – it ain’t cheap stuff, but it takes the skincare/make-up thing seriously, pouring the extensive knowledge of their formulators and excellent ingredients into each product.

Eve lom Perfect Matte Primer

l to r: Perfect Matte Primer SPF 15, Flawless Radiance SPF 30, Flawless Radiance

EVE LOM PERFECT MATTE PRIMER / Best for subtly mattifying // Due out imminently, this is a dream on my oily, though ‘ageing’ skin – it contains rice powder to absorb excess oil, swiss alpine flower to act as an anti-inflammatory (ideal when spots are healing), niacinamide to fade scar tissue and Berryflux vita (an antioxidant derived from raspberry cells) to hydrate and protect. I like my skin to look dewy so generally steer clear of mattifying products, but this leaves my skin on just the right side of shiny.

EVE LOM FLAWLESS RADIANCE PRIMER Best for healthy-looking skin // The original, and the one I reach for the most when making up others. Were I to only be able to have one of the three in my stash going forward, this would be it (though I need to powder some areas after I’ve used it, the even, smooth complexion it fakes is enough to make me not mind putting that tiny bit of extra effort in).

EVE LOM FLAWLESS RADIANCE SPF 30 / Best if you’re out in the sun // Should you ever need evidence of the effect putting sun protection into skincare has, check out the difference between the original and this one – the addition of the SPF alters the texture and finish of the primer entirely. Thicker and less glow giving, this is the one for you if you’re heading out in the sun for a bit or want to use an SPF that combines skincare with protection.


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