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Hair, Hairdressers , 14 September 2015

The Non-Bouffant Blow Dry aka The Show Dry

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Last Tuesday was a touch absurd. It started with sunrise yoga to celebrate the launch of SASS Intimate Skincare in the Rumpus Room of the Mondrian hotel. The view was spectacular and I went on my way feeling bendy, elated (and, yes, just a touch smug) at having had such a virtuous morning. I also emerged more than a little excited that intimate skincare products are finally coming to the fore (more on that to follow in a later post).

After breakfast, I packed a suitcase for my trip to the south of France before hopping in a cab to Show on Westbourne Grove for one of their ‘Show dries’ before my flight (I know – ridiculous).

Anyway, I’m not here to regale you with my stupidly decadent day, but to tell you about the Show Dry I had. The blow dry is, you see, one of the few genres of grooming that holds little interest for me; my hair when teased into a princessy bouffant makes me bear an uncanny resemblance to the wife of a senator – I look older than my years and a little overbearing.

Show Dry Westbourne Grove Review

I’ve heard, however, that the luxe blow dry joint Show on Westbourne Grove is a little more boho-friendly, teasing hair quickly into plaits and/or tousled waves as you will. Ever curious, I popped in last week for a Show Dry.

The salon itself is a riot of rose shades and plush as can be with iPads pre-loaded with magazines and a delivery menu from nearby Daylesford at each station, so you sure as hell won’t be bored in the half hour it takes to Show dry your hair.

I opted for a wavy blow dry with a plait running behind my fringe, the plait chosen not because I thought it would look good per se, but because I’ve never been able to master the whole artful face-framing plait thing and wanted to try veering away from my well-trod ‘I jumped out of bed and left my hair to its own devices’ look.

Here’s the result, which I liked a WHOLE lot:





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