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The Edit / Luxe Candles

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This picture pretty much summarises my decorating efforts since moving into the new house – everything is clean, sure, but otherwise still a total shambles that I’ve attempted to make feel homely with clever (read: low) lighting courtesy of candles, lamps and piles of books in every room. We made the executive decision, you see, to pour all our funds into buying a house and forgot to save for decorating. While we’re doing that, expect a few more ‘shabby chic’ home decorating posts.

… And onto candles. Homely things, they are. Exceedingly good at providing ambience and throwing pleasing smells into a room. Choose wisely and a candle will make even the grimmest of rooms feel a bit more luxe, a bit more welcoming. So choose wisely I do, given the desperate need for prettifying in my new house. Here are those I’ve got on the go/am about to start burning:

Candle Buying Guide - Warming Candles


Byredo Fleur Fantome / Violet leaves, suede and lemon petitgrain are the dominant notes of this one. While sweet, it’s not sickly in the slightest, suggesting bedside table more than boudoir.

Neom Happiness / My friend Shireen stayed over last night and we spent a good five minutes this morning in praise of Neom. The scent, the quality of the wax (not to be overlooked – studies are starting to emerge that show a correlation between cheap wax and lung conditions) and their general prettiness make them a favourite around these quarters.

Candle Buying Guide - Refreshing


Heir & Grace English Rose / I burn this in my office, where it throws enough scent out after being lit for about twenty minutes to make the entire room smell heavenly. Also, don’t think powdery rose, think morning rose, fresh with dew instead and you’ll understand why I think this one’s uplifting.

Fornasetti Profumi Candle / The perfect marriage of form (just look at that handmade ceramic candle jar) and function, I’m going to start stockpiling these for Christmas presents.

Candle Buying Guide - Sweet


Fresh Brown Sugar / A woman in the Fresh shop on Marylebone High Street told me this is their bestseller, so I bought it. Sweet though it is, I really like it. It sort of makes me feel relaxed and lulled, perhaps because the smell reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on from my childhood…

Tom Daxon Sous Les Glycines / Jasmine, rose and bergamot throw this into the ‘sweet but fresh’ category. Also, the glass jar pleases me immensely and I look forward to repurposing it to make a brush receptacle.

Jo Malone Mimose and Cardamom / Another one that would a great gift make, this is slightly powdery and reminiscent of summery days in the countryside.

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