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Skincare , 23 September 2015

Doing It For Me / Pixi Mud Glow Cleanser

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When Pixi released a host of ‘Skin Treats’, I got my eager hands on as many as I could and started a-testing immediately – I really rate their Glow Tonic and the promise of a wider range to satisfy more of my skin needs had me all riled up.

Skin Treats and I started our relationship with glee (The Hydrating Milky Mist – so glow-giving, so moisture-infusing, so very easy to spritz on the go), had a lusty few weeks (Overnight Glow, you slipped on my skin before I slid between my sheets and made everything right. We are so good together), had a bit of a wobble (Nourishing Cleansing Balm, you made me spotty with your fatty, smothering blanket of love. You’d work better with someone whose skin can handle such attention), and finally ended in a truly joyful communion when the Mud Glow Cleanser entered my regime.

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser Review

Most cleansers that try to do more than simply cleanse have previously disappointed me, you see. As with all rogues, they promise the earth and simply can’t deliver: in the few minutes a cleanser has on your skin, it can rarely do the work of a mask. That said, cleansing properly twice daily will have a far greater effect on skin than a weekly mask, so my philosophy on the subject of cleansing has come to be: do it with a non-stripping cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the barrier function and, if it can do a little extra, happy days.

Pixi’s Mud Glow Cleanser does that little bit extra. Containing 5% glycolic acid (enough to actually impact the skin by breaking bonds between dead skin cells littering the surface, allowing them to be washed off), and aloe and hyaluronic acid to soothe and plump, this mud tingles a touch – I find this satisfying – when on. Note: tingling is not to to be confused with stinging, the tingle is a sign that the ingredients are going to work, stinging that your skin is irritated.

… Onto how to use it: this is NOT the cleanser you want to remove surface debris with. It would be utterly wasted. You can do that bit with a cleansing oil (I like this one), or something far cheaper like Cetaphil before rinsing your face (or better yet, wipe off cleanser with a warm, damp flannel), and then applying this. I like to give it the scope to do its job, so gently work it in little circles while it’s on. Use it morning or evening – both would be overkill.

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