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Diary, Fashion , 26 September 2015

OOTD / A Walk In The Park

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Ask a Londoner if they’re partial to a particular park and you’ll usually get an answer in the affirmative. My park used to be Hyde. From Kensington Gardens to the bit that abuts Knightsbridge, I loved every winding path and flat plane. Sure, I’d take a turn around the undoubtedly beautiful Regent’s or Holland Park to see where the other Londoners whiled away their time every now and then, but I always felt a sense of unswerving loyalty to my glorious Hyde Park.

But then I moved house, and suddenly Hyde Park was a little too far to go for a casual stroll after work. Mope and dwell indoors though I wanted to, I instead threw myself into the task of getting to know my nearest oasis of green and learned to love it. Queen’s Park, you may be dinky compared to Hyde, but you’re pretty lively and pretty pretty, so I’m pretty smitten. As it’s promising to be unseasonably sunny and warm this weekend, the park is precisely where I’ll be. Happy Saturday!

Queen's Park

OOTD Walk in the Park

Queen's Park

Queen's Park

Givenchy Boots

Rochas Handbag

Jeans / Nudie

Jumper / Topshop 

Boots / Givenchy

Handbag / Rochas

Sunglasses / Ray-Ban

Necklace / Swarovski

Lipstick / Rimmel Call Me Crazy

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