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Nails , 28 September 2015

Meet My Autumn Polish Picks

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This is more like it for this time of year, isn’t it? Autumn calls for sludgy, muted colours, not blazing brights determined to compete with a fading tan. Now my bright Revlon polish is out of favour, expect these four autumnal shades by French brand Soigne to be on the roster for the next few months.

I’ve kicked things off with an application of the sludgy green, which is all set to be my autumn staple – it sits so close to black that I think of it as a neutral with a kick (good shout, Soigne, you know how to mix things up). Also, as I like a little flirt with the odd coat of glitter come the festive season and find that a shade that’s close to black makes for a good base, this will be the underpinning to the riot of sparkle* on my fingers as it edges closer to that time of year.

Autumn Soigne Polish

The other three offerings are buttery and velvety in hue and call cashmere to mind, so I’m rather looking forward to that time of the year when I can wrap my jumper around my hands and have these peeping out the top (naughty: I mustn’t wish this Indian summer away). Final note: as is the case with Chanel polishes, these are made to be displayed and given as gifts – I’ve added mine to my perfume ‘installation’ on my bannister, where they look rather fetching. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get used to this half-decorated house if I just crowd it with enough pretty cosmetics… *wishful thinking happening over here*…

*Glitter is the only nail ‘art’ I have any time for. It must adhere to certain principles for me to find it agreeable – post no doubt to follow on favourites

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