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Round-Up , 30 September 2015

Round-Up / September Favourites

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I’m sitting in a room that’s flooded with sunlight. To my left is a (rather conservative for me) pile of stuff that’s made my toes curl in delight this month. To my right is my favourite Neom candle, flickering away to the rhythm of the breeze that’s making its way in through the patio door along with the sunlight. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful spot to reflect on the month and hope wherever you are that you’re similarly content and comfortable as you read. And that you’re ready for a big fat product gossip //

Frame Denim Jeans

FRAME JEANS / My mum is an enabler. Take her shopping (preferably to Liberty), and she’ll encourage you to buy in a big way. She once convinced my friend Emma, who is usually impervious to the lure of a designer bag, to shell out for the new Marc Jacobs. Her reasoning: ‘you’re young and should have beautiful things!’ Last week, she used a similar line before I parted with a LOT of cash for these jeans. I’m kind of glad, though – they fit like a dream and I can see myself living in them over the coming months. So if you factor in price per wear… (I’m turning into my mother!)

LAST FRAGMENTS / I’m usually desperate to avoid tales of the cancer-striken (not out of lack of empathy – my mum, aunt, uncle and many close friends have been afflicted, so I try to dodge ruminating on the devastation that the disease leaves in its wake), but picked this up, read a page and knew I needed to read more. Kate was a gifted writer who doesn’t dwell on her prognosis in this book but instead reflects on the many, many joys of life. It profoundly affected me and I’d recommend it to one and all.

Aurelia Miracle Balm, Shiseido Ultimune, Tan-Luxe Review

SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE POWER INFUSING CONCENTRATE / This is the second time I’ve had this on the go and now I’m halfway through the bottle I wonder how I ever got by without it. Before I go on, let me mention that this serum has its detractors – the high alcohol content isn’t ideal for sensitive skin and is slightly dodgy in a serum that costs this much. That said, my skin loves it. It gets clearer, bouncier, smoother and brighter when I use it, so use it I continue to do.

AURELIA REFINE AND POLISH MIRACLE BALM / An August favourite that’s still doing it for me primarily because couple of weeks ago I had a hormonal skin wobble and nothing seemed to calm the raging storm bar this. I used it nightly after my double cleanse, smoothing a layer of the thick balm all over my skin and leaving it there for ten minutes before emulsifying and rinsing off. Each time I use this, my skin feels more balanced and looks less irritated.

TAN-LUXE ILLUMINATING SELF-TAN SERUM / A next generation of tanning drops, pipette a few drops of this serum into your face oil/serum/moisturiser/foundation for a subtle day-to-day tan. Easier than pie.

Vichy Dermablend, Daniel Sandler Pro Volume Mascara, INIKA Kabuki Brush

VICHY DERMABLEND FLUID CORRECTIVE FOUNDATION in 15 Opal / As skin was running wild, I needed to step up my foundation efforts so cracked out this make-up artist favourite. It offers remarkable coverage with very little product and doesn’t look like I’m wearing all the make-up once on.

INIKA KABUKI BRUSH / When I’ve rubbed my foundation all over my face, I go over it with this kabuki brush, buffing it in so my base is seamless and fused well with skin. I wouldn’t do this with a very dewy-finish foundation, but formulas that are more matte or powdery seem to really take to being buffed with a brush.

DANIEL SANDLER INTENSE VOLUME PRO MASCARA / I know: I’ve gone gaga for mascaras. The brilliant Daniel Sandler’s newest offering is my current favourite as it works like a push up bra for lashes – it holds them up, sticks them out and makes them look plumper and more luscious (okay, that’s the crudest simile I’ve ever employed, my apologies).

MAC Pro Palette Cool Neutral Review

MAC PRO PALETTE EYESHADOW X 15 in Cool Neutral / Choosing between cool and warm involved some mega mental debates (and one attempt at trying to engage my husband who would not be coaxed into the fray). I opted for cool, my logic being that some contrast between a warmed up skin colour (hello bronzer) and cooler eyes would be arresting and as I’ve generally stuck with warm tones in the past I wanted to give these a go. So far, I very much like…

RITUALS SAKURA SCRUB / I’m so very fussy about body scrubs – if I’m going to ad a step to shower time, it’s got to really pack a punch. This sugary scrub meets my various scrub criteria and also smells uplifting, so I’ve been using it first thing in the morning to get my circulation going and help give me an aromatherapy kick.

Rituals Sakura Scrub Review

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