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Bath & Shower, Wellbeing , 1 October 2015

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In my pursuit of the elevated state of awareness and acceptance known as mindfulness, I’ve meditated, coloured in like a toddler, walked barefoot in parks and practised yogic breathing. The collective result is that I’m definitely calmer and my feathers less easily ruffled, so while I fully understand why there are those who scoff at the supposed modern obsession with mental health, I’ve personally found a great deal of solace through times of panic and stress in wellbeing practises designed to calm and focus the mind.

Also in my arsenal are a bunch of products that bliss me out for those times when I just can’t kick myself into another gear simply by focussing/not focussing on myself. Aromatherapy is my favourite method of affecting what’s happening inside via the senses; scent is wonderfully evocative and influences the limbic system, which is responsible for controlling mood and the emotions.


Aromatherapy Associates, clever brand that it is, have produced an oil designed to induce calm and clarity either through a bath (plop a capful into a warm – not hot – bath and recline for 20 minutes) or shower (pat and stroke the oil onto your torso and upper arms before showering – don’t apply shower gel to the parts where the oil is).

In the bottle is a blend of camomile, frankincense, palmarosa and bergamot. The resulting oil is uplifting and a touch medicinal – AA don’t make ‘pleasing floral’ scents, they’re all underpinned with a comforting herbal blend. Due to be part of the core range but initially available in Liberty London, the oil comes housed in a classic Liberty Genevieve print box. A feast for the eyes AND and the mind, then.

Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty Clear Mind Bath and Shower Oil is £48 exclusively at Liberty London.

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