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Diary , 4 October 2015

Some Like It Hot & Other Stories…

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Forgive the late hour of this post – I’ve spent the week buzzing around London like an agitated bee and am accordingly pooped, though satisfied that I squeezed every bit of life out of it – I’ve gone to launches, tested new treatments, had more than a couple of drinks with friends and marvelled over how very magnificent London looks in the sunshine countless times. Here are some of my favourite moments (reviews for products and treatments to follow in other posts of course) //

London from the river

Walking Around London / As I type, my feet are throbbing. I believe I may have bruised the undersides in my efforts to make my way around London on foot rather than take the tube (free exercise! No scurrying around in tunnels like a rat! Win win). Bruising aside, the unseasonably good weather has lit London up so beautifully that it would’ve felt criminal to not have spent as much time as possible looking at it from different vantage points. The river – and this view of St Pauls from Blackfriars – was my favourite this week…

London by the river

Me In Other Places / Two websites I love have picked my brains this week – bespoke beauty site Powder asked for my top five products, and Beauty by the Geeks interviewed me on my routine and previous beauty blunders/triumphs. Click on their names to have a read.

Some Like It Hot

Classic Films / I have a very clear memory of revising for my GCSEs and turning on TCM to see Elvis do his thing in Jailhouse Rock; it was the week of his birthday in January and the channel was showing Elvis films throughout. This stroke of luck sweetened the experience of revising and I’ve since found that most things in life are better with a side of Presley. I fall back on this light diversion technique whenever I have an unsavoury task ahead of me like picture editing or scheduling meetings. Over the past week GI Blues and Some Like It Hot have kept me happy. Suggestions of more classics most welcome.

Home house Night Out

The Dean Street Townhouse & Home House / My friend Connie recently won a BAFTA so we went out in a group to celebrate. Unfortunately, said celebration took place on a Tuesday, so I had a slightly (okay, VERY) foggy head on Wednesday. That deep purple on my lips is Revlon’s Matte Balm in Passionate.

Nude by Nature Launch

Launches / It’s been a cracking week for beauty – Aromatherapy Associates launched their oil (review here), aussie mineral brand Nude by Nature finally made it over here to the UK (my sister and I are with their ambassador Chris Dowdell in the above picture) and Pixi Beauty showed me how to use their lipsticks in a whole bunch of ways. More on all to come this week – it’s time for me to crack on with the latest series of The Newsroom now…

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