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Skincare , 5 October 2015

Autumn Skincare Launches To Put On Your Shopping List

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Heed my words: get a little spendy on skincare now and you’ll be thankful come next spring. This is a challenging time for skin: heatings come on, sun damage has been wrought, a casual Tuesday night pub visit will seem the norm once more (there’s nowhere else to go!)…

Also, as one has a little more time during these months of hibernation in which to pamper, it seems the ideal time to add a step (or two) to a routine. Here are some lotions and potions that have just come out/are coming out that I think are well worth your consideration if you’re in the market for something new…

Skincare Launches New 2015

l to r: Caudalie, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Avene, Goldenfaden MD and Darphin

Caudalie Reservatrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm / You may notice I’ve two eye products in this post, neither of which are creams. I’m not a huge fan of the eye cream, you see – a few cosmetic doctors have told me that anything too heavy contributes to the puffiness that seems to plague me. Balms and serums, however, I’m very into. This one contains reservatrol (one of the few ‘anti-ageing’ ingredients that has been proven time and again in clinical trials) and hyaluronic acid to plump and strengthen the area around eyes.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Serum / I’ve written about this previously – it’s basically the eye version of the amazing face serum and it feels like heaven on – just moisturising enough to feel like it’s had an impact, but just silky enough to disappear after a few minutes so make-up doesn’t slip around on top of it. I’ve linked to Selfridges where you can buy it, but it’s also part of a remarkably good value set here, which I’d recommend if you’d like to try the face serum and have a little taster of the range before buying in.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster / Remember when I wrote a piece about pre-serums being a big thing in skincare? Well here’s EA’s effort and it’s a peach. I’ve been a little meh about their recent skincare offerings but this one is bloody brilliant and contains a shedload of ingredients designed to make the barrier of your skin work better (the result: fewer spots, less transepidermal water loss and more general skin health). Also: the price. Practically thrifty given the small quantity needed daily.

Avene TriAcneal Expert / This is all kinds of clever. I went to an evening with the science team behind it and promptly forgot all the fancy terms they used so this lowdown will be bereft of scientific jargon. So: night serum; it contains an anti-inflammatory to calm blemishes; contains a enzyme that kills spot-forming bacteria but (remarkably) remains benign on healthy skin, contains a form of Vitamin A that’ll reduce scarring. This is the one if you never quite stopped having teenage spots and have the odd scar but still want to battle ageing.

Decleor Face Spray

Decleor Auraabsolu Refreshing Mist / Looking absurd while in the process of misting aside, I LOVE topping up moisture throughout the day with a face spray. This herbal one contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and plenty of lemongrass and mint to act as a pick-me-up. If you sit in an office all day, get your hands on it pronto – it’s the kind of product you want around come 4pm when you – and your skin – are starting to wilt.

Goldfaden MD Supreme Serum / I know – it’s bloody expensive. I promise I wouldn’t recommend it if I hadn’t genuinely seen a difference in the quality of my skin since starting to use it. It’s mega bucks because it basically contains ALL the stuff to help your skin from ingredients designed to reduce ageing oxidative stress and encourage collagen production, to those that’ll act as anti-inflammatories. As always, there are far cheaper options on the market that will amply look after skin, but if you’ve come into some cash, I say put it on your skin where you can enjoy it.

Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil Cream / Due to drop at Space NK any day now, this creamy version of the classic 8 Flower Nectar is an unusual choice for me – I’ve given short shrift to moisturisers in the past and generally think a good serum can always outdo a cream. That said, this is infused with oils that’ll replenish and comfort – think a blanket for your skin overnight that seals in goodness and slowly releases the oils throughout the time you’re in bed. It also makes for a luxurious application procedure if you follow the rules (I do) and make little figures of 8 around your skin to really encourage circulation and push the moisture into your skin. I’d recommend using only the tiniest application of serum before this if you absolutely must – otherwise, just cleanse and use by itself.


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