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Facials , 5 October 2015

The Facial / Oskia at One Aldwych

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Here’s the thing: brands that make great skincare for use at home often make for disappointing facials. A good facial is so very reliant on the skills of the giver, you see, and far less so on the products than skincare companies would like you to believe. There are basically two decisions you need to make before you choose a facial: 1) do you want a holistic/relaxing treatment administered by hand or would you prefer machines offering more measurable results? (the two can be, on occasion, successfully combined), and 2) would you like to be slathered with plant-based/organic products or cosmeceuticals/high-tech ingredients? Once you’ve decided on those two, finding the perfect one is just a case of seeking out a very good facialist who caters to your preferences.

There are, as always, exceptions to the rule, and I’m delighted to report that Oskia do both the at home and in spa thing with aplomb, a fact I was reminded of last Friday, when I took my really rather frazzled self to the One Aldwych Hotel and made my way into the basement to the spa for their Signature Glow facial. The treatment uses the Oskia products available in the shops, rather than a secret stash not available to the public. The routine is classic, hand heavy and effective – extractions, massage and masks.

One Aldwych Spa Review

As I left to go for a work out in the gym (I’d advise against a post-facial workout as a rule but the gym was empty and I simply had to make the most of it), the facialist handed me a little pouch containing sachets of the Oskia products I’d need to use that evening, which I felt was a very nice touch. After getting my sweat on, it was time for a swim in the subterranean pool followed by a steam and a bit of general excitement at the marvellous changing room, which was pretty much had ALL the stuff bar make-up you could need to be on your way looking marvellous. As it turned out, my skin looked so spiffing that I didn’t feel I needed any, which I think speaks volumes in favour of this facial…

One Aldwych Spa Review

If you can’t get to the spa, try getting the next best thing in the form of one of the below – all contain Oskia’s signature MSM, which reduces inflammation and boosts cellular health //

Oskia Get Up And Glow / One of my all-time favourite serums, this marvellously lightweight potion peps skin up in the morning and adds an instant shot of luminescence. Makes for a great primer/alternative to make-up should you be lucky enough to need no coverage from your base.

Oskia Restoration Oil / This oil doesn’t bobble on the skin, nor does it clog pores or sit on the surface. The blend of nutrients courtesy of the active ingredients, which include evening primrose, rose hip and sea fennel among others, really imbues skin with a healthy glow.

Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm / You know how I’m always banging on about not using a physical exfoliant on your face? This is one of the few scrubs with granules that I hold in high esteem, mainly because the grains are so small and the balm so nourishing that skin is vastly improved after each use.

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