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Hair , 8 October 2015

The Edit / My Current Hair Treats

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Throughout the many, many hair colours and styles I’ve sported, I’ve stuck to one rule: healthy hair looks and feels good. When I decided to go platinum blonde and use a straightener daily (it was 2003 – flatter than flat hair was THE THING back then), infusing it with enough moisture was seriously challenging. I managed to stop it from breaking by layering – a deep conditioner went on in the shower, a serum on when damp and an oil once hair was dry.

I stick by that system now: much moisture and minimal heat styling ensures that my hair can weather a fair few highlights and still look bouncy and shiny. Here’s the kit I’ve been using lately //

OGX Argan Oil Miracle In Shower Oil / This is genius – pop a drop in your shower gel and it’ll soften your skin, add a bit to shampoo/conditioner/dry hair/wet hair and it’ll do the same to hair. If I’m in a hurry and don’t want to faff around with a bunch of conditioning products, I just add this to my shampoo and it supercharges it. Argan is, by the way, one of the better oils to opt for if you like your hair to be smooth but not weighed down.

Nexxus Nutritive Serum / Looks like it should go on your face, doesn’t it? It does in fact borrow some principles from skincare – the way in which these little beads of oil are suspended in the gel is a system that’s been used in serum-in-oil formulas for a while to keep the two separate until the moment a product comes out the pump. This one is very good at strengthening when applied to damp hair as it’s protein-rich so will help to rebuild damaged shafts.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Night Repair Serum / More argan oil, this time in a creamy serum designed to replenish hair when worn overnight. Lee Stafford is making a bit of a fan of me, actually – everything I’ve tried of his has been brilliant (and very affordable!), and this is equally impressive as the rest of his wares – not only does it make my hair feel far less parched when I wash it off in the morning, but it also isn’t as greasy as an oil so my pillows remain unbesmirched.

Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It (H) Air Styler / My idea of blow drying hair is literally to blow it dry – I rarely faff around with brushes or do anything fancy; I’m drying my hair so that it’s dry, not pretty. Then I twist and pin it while I do my make-up so it falls into waves (but that’s a whole other post). Anyway, for anyone who can brave having a chilly head for long enough to let this do its thing, this styling gel will make life exceedingly easy. I’ve tested it in warmer climes and love that it adds a bit of texture and bounce but no stickiness or crunchiness.

Unite 7 Seconds Glossing / If all else fails, fake it. I tend to just mist a little of this over hair even if it already looks good as it adds that natural sheen (not a heavy gloss that makes everything look greasy and hang limply), and a bit of UV protection which, trust me, is something you want on your hair as much as on your face.

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