Aromatherapy Associates Rollerball Review

Wellbeing , 12 October 2015

The Aromatherapy Associates Rollerball / I’m On The Fence

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I really rate Aromatherapy Associates and have started to rely heavily on their wares: I never go anywhere without their Breathe Essence (a panicker’s best friend); I think their Deep Relax Bath Oil is about as close to sublime bliss as a bath can get, and in my experience anything by Neom or AA is guaranteed to delight even the trickiest of customers come their birthday or Christmas.

These rollerballs, however, left me wanting. The three blends that are chosen to enhance mood on the go are a marvellous proposition and an obvious one for Aromatherapy Associates – I know a good few beauty editors who sniff their bath oils when stressed.

My issue is that the concentration of the essential oils is lower than it is in their Bath & Shower Oils in order to make them skin-friendly. While I know that bit is non-negotiable, I wish the rollerballs would dispense more of the wonderful potion within onto skin – I had to back and forth for a good minute (making my wrist red in the process) to get enough out to smell.

It boils down to this: were AA to dispense with the rubbish dispensers, these oils would be my (and should be your) new thing. But until then, I say just decant a bit of one of their bath oils into a vial and inhale a lungful when in need on the go.

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