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Skincare , 14 October 2015

Venice / I’ve Packed (The Skincare Edition)

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Here’s the order in which I pack to go away: books & electronics, skincare, make-up, clothes. As I progress through the categories I lose steam, which may explain why I seem to have packed ankle-length jeans, a single thick, purple cashmere jumper, a number of patterned summer shirts, and a pair of red boots. Coordinated I do not look out here.

As slapdash as I am down one end of the packing spectrum, I’m usually overambitious up the other end, packing three of four books to read during an unfeasibly short length of time (I took three books for a three day break in Venice – ridiculous), and a face mask for every occasion.

This time, I put some thought into the skincare bit and curated my cosmetics to an appropriate (& useable) amount of products. Here they are…

Venice Packing: The Morning RoutineTHE EVENING ROUTINE //

As my skin’s still recovering from a bout of spots, I’ve tailored my evening routine to deeply cleanse and target any baby blemishes, as well as add soothing moisture to my recovering skin /

  1. Pre-Cleanse / Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly
  2. Proper Cleanse / De Mamiel Cleansing Balm applied with Sarah Chapman Facialift & my Foreo
  3. Serum / Avene TriAcneal Expert
  4. Eye Serum / Cinerex Eye Serum
  5. Oil / Decleor Neroli Serum in Oil

Venice: I've Packed, the morning routine


The moment I wake up (before I put on my make-up), I do this:

  1. Cleanse / Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser
  2. Pre-Serum / John Masters Lavender Hydrating Mist
  3. Eye Serum / Cinerex Eye Serum
  4. Serum / Goldfaden MD Plant Profusion Supreme Serum
  5. SPF / Eve Lom Primer with SPF

Miscellaneous Packing


I’ve been staying at the Baglioni, which I entrusted with my bath time needs of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, so the only random extras I packed were….

  1. Hair Protectant / Philip Kinsley Daily Damage Defense
  2. Spot Potion / Salcura Antiac
  3. Body Oil / Tisserand Detox
  4. Nail Polish / Ciate Olivia Palermo in Napa Valley
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