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Bookshelf, Diary, Food & Drink , 21 October 2015

Pubs, Greece, Kylie and the Countryside / I’ve Been…

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Reminiscing // With Kylie. Yes, the Kylie show wheeled back into town in its newest incarnation: the Kiss Me Once tour. With Kylie the formula is this: Dolce & Gabbana outfits, a smattering of new songs, a hefty dollop of nostalgia in the form of old songs and a lot of fun to be had if you enjoy the above. Which I do. Unashamedly.

Bookclub - Love in the time of Cholera

Rereading // Love in the Time of Cholera for bookclub. We discussed the book in the Ham Yard Hotel, and came to the conclusion that Florentino is indeed suffering from an obsession with Fermina rather than the enduring love some of the book’s fans would like to subscribe to. Sorry, romantics.

Eco-friendly, Recycleable Wedding Ideas

Marvelling // At the sheer detail a friend went into at her eco-friendly wedding in Somerset. Everything – and I mean everything – used on the day was handmade, recyclable and completely and utterly beautiful. If I had my time again…

The Crooked Billet Pub Oxfordshire

Refuelling // At the Crooked Billet in Oxfordshire. The drive back from Somerset is a long one and refreshment much needed by the time this county has rolled into view. This pub is traditional yet not stuck in the past – the menus are updated often, the music roster impressive, the finishing touches thoughtful.

Escape to the Country

Recuperating // In the countryside. A school friend offered her parents’ pad for a sleepover and the offer was gladly taken up. Cue face masks, gossiping, cooking, some rather bad TV and a lot of wishing we were eighteen again so that we could do these things nightly huddled up in the common room…

Costa Navarino Greece Review

Travelling // To Greece! A last minute spot on a press trip to the ineffably beautiful Costa Navarino was too good to pass up so I slung some things into a bag and headed on my merry way. Full review to follow, of course.

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