Microsoft + Moi

Freelance & As Featured In , 28 October 2015

Microsoft + Moi

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Last month, Microsoft approached me to write a series of posts for them on the Marie Claire website in order to disseminate the art of blogging using their new Windows 10 platform. They’re creating a few series designed to showcase the operating system and I’m their designated blogger, which was a real honour (and also a bit terrifying – Microsoft is a big ‘proper’ employer – I almost wore a suit to go and meet them!).

It’s taken up a fair bit of time – first, to get au fait with Windows 10 running on a Surface Pro 3 and Acer laptop, and then to film a video (that’ll go live in a few weeks) and write posts that I hope will be helpful to any of you who’d like to start a blog (the tips are intended to be universal so you don’t have to work on any particular kind of computer to get something from them, though I did find the Surface Pro 3 a dream to work with).

Microsoft + Moi

PART ONE / How To Get Started 

PART TWO / A Windows 10 Review

PART THREE / How a Tablet Can Do It All

PART FOUR / Get Social

PART FIVE / Taking Perfect Pictures


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