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Round-Up , 2 November 2015

Round-Up / October Favourites

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You know when you’re in the midst of a chocolate binge and all that’s running through your head is ‘I can’t stop but I know this isn’t good for me and that it’ll ultimately make me feel a bit gross’? I get a version of that when I don’t have time to do the beauty stuff I know I should be doing – I hear the voices of experts echo through my mind as I scrub make-up off in haste because I’m tired and just want to slip between the sheets. I feel the pangs of neglect when I look down to realise my cuticles could do with a whole lot of TLC I just don’t have time to tend to them. Hell, I can even imagine make-up artists telling me off when I realise I’m going to rush out the door with an inferiorly blended eye.

This month, I’ve been lazy on the grooming front, mostly because I’ve been enormously busy. This turned out to be a good thing for this edit – never have I ever chosen products so purely for their performance. These were outstanding //

Zelens Triple Action Eye Cream

ZELENS TRIPLE ACTION ADVANCED EYE CREAM / I banged on about this eye cream in this post, but just want to heap more praise on it – the skin around my eyes looks noticeably better after about three weeks on this stuff. I may not be able to go without it after finishing this tester pot. Bankrupt but smooth of eyes?… Sure.

LA ROCHE POSAY SEROZINC / That thing when you have loads of little blemishes (thank you, stress) is at times more annoying than one mega spot. Enter this toner – a mist after cleansing targets acne in three ways: 1) thermal spring water soothes; 2) zinc sulfate helps to heal broken skin and ameliorate redness; 3) sodium chloride acts as an astringent. This is not a ‘one spritz will nuke your skin’ treatment but rather a more sustainable, kind way to reduce breakouts; I noticed a difference in blemishes after about a week, though oiliness was reduced after about three days.

Davine Su Body Wash

SU HAIR & BODY WASH / Pleasing to look at, smells like Palma Violets, foams just enough to make one feel clean but not enough to strip skin… This wash may be designed for use after time on the beach to gently remove sweat and suncream, but I love to just lather up my hair and body with it when I’m in a hurry so I can emerge from the shower smelling like sweeties.

Nude by Nature Primer Review

NUDE BY NATURE PERFECTING PRIMER / This primer by Aussie brand Nude by Nature is bloody amazing. You may already know that as a rule I steer clear of primers unless they really do something (add glow, attenuate shine, etc.), but despite this one having no purpose further than to prime the skin for base, I love it. I think it’s something to do with the silky (but not heavy) finish it gives that really does make foundation glide on, cutting down time and faff by making everything more uniform. Also, as it contains masses of skincare ingredients, it kinda acts as a final protective layer of skincare.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 Review

LIZ EARLE BOTANICAL ESSENCE NO. 20 EAU DE PARFUM / Note: Liz Earle do not often release fragrance. When they do, my ears prick up and my nose gets ready for a bit of perfume-y joy. Staying true to the botanical roots of the brand, this 20th anniversary fragrance by perfumer Domitille Bertier may be centred around rose, but it is a delightfully fresh take, combining the initial hit of rosewater with pink pepper, while time reveals turkish rose absolute blended with carrot and jasmine sambac. It doesn’t belong to day or night – this is made to take you right through.

MALIN + GOETZ VITAMIN B5 BODY MOISTURIZER / I’m more of a body oil person – it’s quicker, it cossets the skin and it is – mostly – a more potent form of skincare. Apply those three maxims to this oil-free moisturiser: it is speedy to apply because it doesn’t hang around on the surface of the skin; it cocoons thanks to a whole load of fatty acids, and there’s no silicon or wax fillers in the formula to dilute the skincare benefits.

Smashbox Brushes Yago

SMASHBOX ART. LOVE. COLOUR. BRUSHES / Containing a foundation brush, lip brush (which I use for concealer), eye shadow brush, fan brush (for powder and/or highlighter), and brow brush (that doubles up as an eyeliner brush), this kit is pretty conclusive for any of you who haven’t yet been seduced by brushes as I have. While this doesn’t affect performance, Yago Hortal’s bold splashes of paint that adorn this limited edition collection are pretty special, aren’t they?

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