The Alice House, Queen's Park

Food & Drink , 11 November 2015

A Better Way to Breakfast / The Alice House, Queen’s Park

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I’m laughably bad at the whole breakfast thing because most mornings I do this: wake ravenous; spend an inordinately long time pottering around while my stomach rumbles; finally decide I have to sate my hunger as my mood is getting progressively worse, and put something uninspiring in a bowl in order to do just that.

I’m not much better when forced out at the crack of dawn to go to an office, either – for an entire year at Marie Claire I started the day with either oats in boiling water or a green juice made by the Cruush team downstairs.

The issue is twofold: 1) I’m lazy, and 2) It’s hard to find inspiring veggie, healthy breakfast food on the trot that isn’t extortionate so that I can afford to continue to eat/travel/pay my rent after filling myself up.

The Alice House on Salusbury Road has been solving my morning conundrum of late: they do an amazing porridge (currently with sliced rhubarb, soya milk and hazelnuts, though I’m told this will change seasonally), a ruddy good smashed avocado toast, and some blueberry pancakes (that aren’t exactly salubrious but that are so damn good that I couldn’t care less when they’re in front of me) each for around a cheap-for-London fiver. Also: those hanging lights and the exposed brick are providing me a lot of ideas for the new pad…

The Alice House Salusbury Road Review

The Alice House Salusbury Road Review

The Alice House Salusbury Road Review

The Alice House Salusbury Road Review

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