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Diary , 24 November 2015

Hello, It’s Me…

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… And I’m back! Welcome to the new blog fusing Madeleine Loves and Mads About Town. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to navigate and more joyous to use but please do throw both the positive and negatives my way in the comments field below – this is very much still under formation…

A few housekeeping notes //

– Those of you who’ve read both sites will recognise the travel, beauty and spa elements. The Panic Station is new, despite panic being an old devil I’ve lived with for years – read this post for more on the new addition.

– Christmas is coming! Both in real life and on here – apologies if you’re hankering after some beauty gift advice and have been left wanting in these quarters. No more. I’m on it.

– You may find your previous comments/likes have disappeared – unfortunately this was a casualty of the new build. Please do go ahead with liking/sharing/commenting etc. from now on – this site is here to stay.

– Finally, I’d like to thank you for reading – those of you who’ve stuck with me through my rather interesting experiments with photography (see earlier posts for shockingly poor images) and newbies: you’ve afforded me some extraordinary opportunities and I hope I continue to earn your readership. Now, go and have a nose around…


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