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Round-Up , 28 November 2015

3 Products That I’m A Bit (Okay, A Lot) Obsessed With…

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Last week, my brother came in after a night out to find my be-goggled form sat in front of an episode of Peep Show, running a blue light across my face. It speaks volumes for how inured the men of my household are to my beauty experimentation that he didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow before saying ‘LED?’

Yes, Mark – LED. I was using Ila’s Sonic Wave Therapy Device on the blue light setting to nix any acne-forming bacteria living on my skin. He asked if he could use it after me and I handed it over, throwing in that he’d probably want to use the red light setting to promote collagen.

Before bed, I whipped it out again, this time switching it onto the sonic setting to send my serum more deeply into my skin. It’s then that I decided this is the dream machine – and probably a really good Christmas pressie –  for anyone with any skin concerns; the one device 1) diminishes acne on the blue light setting, 2) encourages collagen production therefore plumping and helping to reduce wrinkles when set to red light, 3) does both simultaneously on the green setting and, 4) uses sonic waves to help actives penetrate.

It’s pretty good value, too, given that it won’t ever ‘run out’ – especially if shared among two (or three, as in my household).

Fairy Drops and Clarins Lip Oil

In other news, I’ve come to fall rather hard for Fairy Drops. The peculiar name had put me off when the queens of niche finds over at BeautyMART told me about it, but I nonetheless ran the wand (which reminds me rather of an ant’s thorax) through my lashes and was astonished to find they were – in my estimation – perfect; long and luscious, but simultaneously looked  as if they weren’t coated in mascara. This is a tough thing for make-up to achieve – it basically makes lashes look ‘pretty.’ Only issue: it’s waterproof, which means it looks great but dries lashes if used every day so ration it, if you can.

The third love is actually a rekindled flame – Clarins released two limited edition Instant Light Comfort Lip Oils earlier in the year to a rapturous reception and have (unsurprisingly) brought them back as part of their permanent collection. What distinguishes them among other lip ointments? That they contain nourishing jojoba, mirabelle and hazelnut oils, so while they make lips look slightly glossy and feel comfortable, the effect goes much deeper than the surface and will actually ameliorate dryness. Oh, and they smell bloody marvellous.

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  • stashmatters says:

    I had the Fairy Drops mascara and it’s really good! Very long lashes and really budge-proof.
    I’m curious about this LED device now…

    • admin says:

      Oh I’m totally mad about it – put on a different one today to test and felt a little bit sad! The LED machine is equally obsession-inducing…

  • regine says:

    I need to be banned from reading your website, i’m always tempted to buy whatever you advise. so far i’ve never been disappointed by your recommendations though. i started obsessing over the Sonic Wave Therapy Device when i first read about it in your post and now i just ordered it. can’t wait to try it

    • admin says:

      It’s brilliant – you’ll love it. Very pleased to hear I’ve not steered you wrong. I hope you’ll feel the same about this one! xx

      • regine says:

        sorry! me again! i received the Ila device yesterday but the user’s manual is surprisingly short. do you know how long we are supposed to use the sonic settings? i’m used to foreo and baby qasar, they have a timer and stop when the treatment is over.
        also should i use it every day? apologies for bombarding you with questions, i thought you might have received more info from the Ila people. if not, no problem. i’ll get in touch with them directly

        • admin says:

          Hi Regine! You’re absolutely fine to use it daily (your skin will tell you pretty quickly if it’s too much) and the machine beeps to signal the end of a session. I hope that helps! If you want I can put you in touch with Ila?

  • regine says:

    thanks a lot! that was very helpful

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